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A Note from Yahoo, Inc...

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Just got a note from yahoo in my email.


GeoCities, yahoo's free website service, will close Oct 26. Close means they will shut down the servers and take the data offline. It will not be recoverable.


If your Pack, Troop, or Crew uses GeoCities... it's time to look for a new webhost.


(Mods: After a couple days, can you shift this to the Web Forum. I thought OD-Program would get broad dissemination quickly).



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just a reminder that once posted to the web things almost never go away... Good bad or evil. Old versions of pages can be found at archive.org


just enter the page address into the line titled "way back machine".

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Wingnut, true... but at the same time, you cannot move them forward, and google does not archive information on the wayback, so you have to know what you're looking for (to some degree) first.


It also depends on if your page hit a snapshot window with the wayback.

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