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  1. Would taking the child to the ER be considered overreacting or overstepping?
  2. What's the ideal way to handle suicidal comments made by a scout during a SM conference? For example, the scout indicating that he wants to kill himself and that he has tried to hurt himself in the past.
  3. Several more questions I came up with, in case anyone wants to use a similar theme for recruiting or for a game. I'm halfway through the merit badge curriculum at meritbadge.org... American Heritage Merit Badge 1. Which historical document contains the phrase we hold these truths to be self-evident? (Declaration of Independence) Astronomy Merit Badge 1. Which of the following is not an astronomical tool? Telescope/Microscope/Binoculars 2. Which of the following constellations is not part of the Zodiac? Gemini/Scorpio/Orion 3. Which of the following is not a star? Neptun
  4. > In all seriousness, there are two proper nouns in the Pledge: "God" and "United States of America". All the other nouns are common nouns. Are you certain that "Republic" isn't? I've seen it capitalized sometimes, and I know that one of our country's nicknames used to be "the Republic" (as in, Battle Hymn of the Republic). Flag flies 24/7 at the White House, on a naval vessel and on the Moon.
  5. And, I came up with a very tough one, in reading the Pledge in the Scout requirements. How many proper nouns are there in the Pledge of Allegiance? ....but then I realized that I wasn't sure of the answer either. LOL!
  6. A few I came up with: T or F: it should take the same amount of time to raise the American flag as to lower it. A sunburn is an example of the following type of burn: 1) first degree 2) second degree 3) third degree If you are speaking in an auditorium, the American flag will be on which side of you? Name two places where the American flag flies 24 hours a day. What are the first three words of the Constitution? I also jotted down questions which would be derived from the Citizenship.... merit badges, such as naming their US Senators, and City Hall
  7. Got this idea from the other thread by this name. This of course refers to a game show in which contestants answer trivia questions which are derived from grade school curriculum. We had an idea to make a scouting version of this, and perhaps do it at our open houses. Have 6th thru 8th graders trying to answer a series of half a dozen questions, which scouts would know. As they pass each level, they get points which they can redeem for prizes. As an added twist, we could drag favorite teachers in and see how well they do. Anyone have any ideas on this, including questions which m
  8. I snatched up 4 of the old 11th edition handbooks at my scout shop, for $3.99. Are these going to be obsolete?
  9. We purchased a domain name, then created a site through Google Blogger and mapped the name to the blog. Set it up so that others can't post to the blog. You can check it out at http://www.calumetcityboyscouts.org. It costs about $10 a year for that domain name, and the Google hosting is free. Also someone in another thread mentioned another Google hosting service.
  10. We used Google Blogger, and mapped the domain to the blog. It was quick and painless, but we might look at the alternative mentioned in this thread. http://www.calumetcityboyscouts.org is what we came up with....
  11. The program has been good so far....some camping and rock climbing activities, plus the regular meetings. For the most part, we're talking about boys who have signed up but then not attended a single meeting.
  12. Actually the part about the parent demanding money back (which was all of $6) was more of an aside. I just shake my head at some of the parents we have to deal with....however, there are three or four other parents who have been extremely involved and have gone above and beyond thus far. Mainly wondering if we should just expect that half the kids we sign up aren't going to end up being involved....
  13. We grew our troop to 20 boys with our spring recruiting. Of these, about six participate in nearly all meetings and activities....maybe four more show up a little more sporadically. The rest have just shown up at a single meeting, if that. What are some good ways to get them and the parents on board? Then there was the one parent who brought her son to one meeting (where he was elected patrol leader) then he never showed up again. She called me up telling me that he had decided he wasn't interested in scouting anymore, and that because he hadn't attended any of the events, she felt th
  14. We have had no luck whatsoever with sending flyers home, nor with running blurbs in the church bulletin, etc. The only thing which worked was getting the school administration on board, having them give the "high adventure survey" to all of their fifth grade teachers, with instructions to have the boys complete the form on the spot and pass it forward. We then collected the surveys from the schools and contacted the parents to meet with them on a one-on-one basis. With this, we went from 5 to 20+ scouts. So whatever activity we do, we want the survey to be a part of it....have a fun ac
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