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So, I went to our council's PowWow last weekend, and it seems that lots of Packs are using PackMaster or ScoutTrack to manage the data.


Our Adv Chr has been pushing/begging for something. I think she's right--it will radically simplify that job, and help the den leaders & parents get things accomplished.


Does your unit use one? What's the biggest drawback? How can we "sell" this to the rest of the committee?



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Packmaster is AWESOME - makes pack admin much easier as well as setting calendars and sharing with the families of the pack. Activities, awards, and adult management has become much eaasier and less time consuming. Can you tell I like it!


By the way, one way to make it easier to set up is have your Council Registrar email you the .csv file for your pack/troop. It will contain all scouts and leaders from your last recharter plus any you've added since the last recharter. from there all you have to do is assign dens/patrols, new scouts/leaders, and advancements.


Speaking of advancements they are also easy to track and submit monthly to council via your own .csv advancement file through the internet advancement system. Same with your recharter.

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