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MyScoutLink.com...anyone use this site?

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Hello all! New user here but I wanted to see if I could get some help before I let my son go forward with setting up a troop site. Has anyone used www.myscoutlink.com? They seem to be a well established and secure site but I want to get some feedback before I let him load information onto the site.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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We have registered for this service also. I have not loaded it with Scouter information because since we joined we have received a lot of SPAM from this company.


They do offer a free service but they also offer a lot of Pay services. Most of their functionality seems to be on the PAY side.


I did not want to submit my parents' info and possibly subject them to SPAM. Not true SPAM because it does advertise a company I signed up for but it is still email I do not want.

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Hello everyone,


I have spent some time here viewing but have never posted - I am the VP of Operations for teamr.com who produces MyScoutLink and I wanted to clear the air on a few points. I thought it was important for me to join this discussion after viewing wallyn's post below so that I could clarify our practices for everyone involved. SPAM is something we take extremely seriously, as is the security of our users information.


Here is what we will send to our users...After signing up for an account we send a 5 day follow-up email offering assistance and thanking users for joining, and each month we send an email newsletter highlighting our software upgrades and other projects. This newsletter only goes to the account organizer/troop leader, not to the scouts, and recipients can unsubscribe from this list either through the link at the bottom of the email or by going to their My Account screen. That's it! The only communications sent to anyone other than the person who signed up for the account are the reminder emails as determined by the group leader. We do not send advertising emails to your group members.


wallyn I apologize if you feel you are being SPAMed and would very much like to hear from you if your experience differs from what I have described above. I would also like everyone to know that Free users can send unlimited SMS (text) and Email Messages to their group members and the system will generate automatic reminders to all members if you tell it to do so. Additionally, free users can create their own webpage (password protected if they wish), generate surveys, use our project manager, and upload up to 20MB of documents, photos, etc to be stored online. Pay members have access to a few additional functions, but close to 99% of the site's functionality is available for free.


I had not posted previously because I did not want to use this forum for promotion of our product, and I will not do so in the future. However, if anyone has any questions or concerns with the MyScoutLink system I can be reached directly at doug@teamr.com.


Thanks for your time and consideration

Doug Feeney


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Thats funny. They spam so much that they offer an explanation and an apology!


Tell you what..I built www.smdscouts.com after my sons cub scout and then boy scout troops needed sites. I only build out of my own selfish need to keep track of them. Course, then my daughters GS troop needed one..So I created one stop shopping ;)


www.carypack457.org is my sons old site. He just moved up so I am now populating their new BS site.

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"Thats funny. They spam so much that they offer an explanation and an apology! "


What's funny is this snide comment shows what kind of person you are since you've something to sell at the same price as their product. My troop is using MyScoutLink and I'm not receiving spam nor have I heard any complaints from others. I'd also add they are very responsive to questions or concerns.


Doug's response seemed reasonable and helpful to me. How else would a person answer that. Of course, I'm not advertising my own product.

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