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  1. A new 5th grader joining in October or even November may still earn AoL. You can do a second crossover ceromony in May or June. Our webelos last year needed a little bit more time so we did ours late in the year. Just inform the parent that some of the webelo IIs will be crossing over in February.
  2. You're Welcome! Post up the link when you have it up! Just remember Anything you post up on the Web is there for good so you need to be selective in what you post. We have not yet started doing pictures for that very reason.
  3. You need to give the scouts more credit than to just say He needs to bring his own food. As said above take it as another lesson for the scouts in his patrol. Food Allergies need to be delt with in this world. We have taught our kids about peanut allergies because they have a friend that is allergic. They are actually better at remembering about the allergy than we are some times. Give your scouts credit and teach them how to deal with it and what to do if he has a reaction.
  4. We have registered for this service also. I have not loaded it with Scouter information because since we joined we have received a lot of SPAM from this company. They do offer a free service but they also offer a lot of Pay services. Most of their functionality seems to be on the PAY side. I did not want to submit my parents' info and possibly subject them to SPAM. Not true SPAM because it does advertise a company I signed up for but it is still email I do not want.
  5. Our Pack is using Blogspot. It is easy to use first of all. Currently I, the Cubmaster, am handling the posting. But it will be easy to pass on to the next generation of leaders. Google has bought out blogspot and has added a lot of functionality to blog postings. It is not a full blown webpage but it doeas allow you to do more than before. THe most important function of a Pack website is to get the info to the Parents. And a Blog is perfect for this. Check us out: http://pack112.blogspot.com
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