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What was Urban Scouting?

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"The BSA commissioned a series of studies and developed an updated program to modernize Scouting in a manner similar to the changes of the British Boy Scout Association in 1967."


At the 1969 BSA Jamboree, Lady B-P said what the Brits had done was "rather silly." She then proceeded to give the BSA all her B-P memorabilia. Turned out she was right on the first and wrong on the second because we followed with Urban Scouting shortly after that.

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In the 60's a Scout needed to be Second Class to earn Merit Badges with some restrictions.


1963 Boy Scout requirement book pg 7 has the following:

"Second Class Scouts may earn merit badges except in the case of the following badges that have restrictions: Astronomy, Camping,

Canoeing, Cooking, First Aid, Lifesaving, Pioneering, Rowing, Signaling, Surveying, and Swimming. These restrictions are shown under the grouping title for the badges concerened."


The Boy Scout Requirements books 1965,1966,1967 on page 9, 1968 on page 12 and 1969, 1970 on pg 13 have the following:

"If you are Second Class or above you can earn any merit badge.

However, the following merit badges require that you do certain specific things before qualifying for them:" It then lists Astronomy, Camping, Canoeing, Cooking, First Aid, Lifesaving, Pioneering, Rowing, Signaling, Small Boat Sailing, Surveying and Swimming with what First Class Test or merit badges must be completed or earned.


It wasn't until June 1972 that Scouts below Second Class could earn merit badges.


I have to agree with Kahuna BSA still has not recovered from that era. BSA youth membership in 1972 was 6,524,540 by 1979 youth membership had dropped to 4,284,469

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On a side note, a few of the Mormon youth programs before moving into Scouting were these...


Blazers (in Cub Scouting this would be a mix of Bears and Wolfs. It would later include 11 year olds)

Guide Patrol (Webelos - a considerable number of elements from the Guide Patrol era are still echoing into today's Webelo's program. As a 16 year old Eagle Scout, and Priest, the Guide Patrol was my calling for nearly two years. A most miserable experience)

Jr. M-Men (16 to 18 year olds)


For girls:


YWMIA -- Young Women's Mutual Improvement Association

Lihomas ("Little Homemakers") was the term for older Primary girls.

Merrie Miss -the Primary class for 11-year-old girls. Earlier, the term had been used for 9-year-old girls.

Junior Gleaners -- Sixteen- to 18-year-old girls



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"In the 60's a Scout needed to be Second Class to earn Merit Badges with some restrictions."


In the 40s (this per my Dad's handbook), Second Class Scouts were only allowed to earn certain merit badges.


No idea off the top of my head how things were in the 50s.



I am always surprised by stories of scouters TODAY who seem to think that earning merit badges is limited to certain ranks, especially if they opened them up to ALL scouts in 1972.





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i'm glad they opened it up to all ranks in 1972 as well (maybe something good DID come out of urban scouting after all LOL)


Reason I'm glad is that when I did my first summer camp, I was 2nd Class, waiting only to complete the First Aid MB (this was 1986) to get First Class. If they had the certain rank policy, All I would have been able to do is earn First Aid and do instructional swim as the First Year Camper program did the basic Scout skills covered by the skill awards and FA MB needed to get to First Class.


On a side note, one reason why I liek to start telling Webelos about Summercamp in the fall; that way they know about camp and can start saving money for it. that way they don't have to miss a summercmap like I did.

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As a boy starting during this program, I can tell you that I wish the skill awards would come back. They were great for instant recognition. As far as Scouts under the rank of First Class earning merit badges, I dont see the problem as long as it is appropratie towards their age(for example: few 12 year olds could manage personal management, but weather merit badge seems right.)

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Concur in that I too wish they were back. I personally liked it focusing one or two basic scout skills at a time, mastering them, then getting the rank.


As far as the 1950s requirements, the Fifth edition ran from 1948-1959. My first printing states that a 2nd class could earn up to 5 from a list of 46.

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