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What is "High adventure skill training for Venturers"

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Has anyone heard of this training?


Our council is in the pilot program for manditory training.

I'm helping to pull our Venturing Advisors training records together and one of them listed this for training.

According to my District Training Chair this is listed in our council records as a training course.


The training chair never heard of it and none of the other Venturing people I know have heard of it either.


A Google search came up with nothing.


Any idea what this training consisted of?(This message has been edited by CNYScouter)

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Closest HA training the BSA has is POWDERHORN, which is really an intro to HA.


According to national found here http://scouting.org/sitecore/content/Home/BoyScouts/Adults/Training/Trained%20Leader.aspx


to be considered trained the following must occur

Venturing Crew Leaders

Venturing crew leaders and assistants must complete Venturing Leader Specific Training, a five-session training course, to be considered fully trained. Venturing crew leaders whose crews have an outdoor program must also complete Introduction to Outdoor Skills training to be considered fully trained.



Also according to a training PDF from national daterd 4-22-10 there is no listing for HA training for youth or adults. Link is here




Closest thing to HA I've found is the Passport to High Adventure. Link to a summary is here : http://scouting.org/sitecore/content/Home/BoyScouts/PassporttoHighAdventure.aspx


Books is a good resource. never owned one, but had one that was damaged that I looked at. Pretty good info if memory serves.


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I just happened to receive a copy of the Training Codes from ScoutNet dated today.


High-Adventure Skills Training for Venturers is listed as H42

Powderhorn is P50

Intro to Outdoor Skills is S11

No Passport to High Adventure listed.


OKPIK is listed as H98

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CNYScouter and Fellow Scouters,




I have not attended this training "High Adventure Skills Training for Venturers". Sorry I do not know what it consist of. But it is a valid course and title.


I have found it in an Excel file of national training codes which have been shared with database developers. It is titled the same as your post, High Adventure Skills Training for Venturers, code H42, established 1 August 1998.


It is also listed under training codes on the Scouting.org website, however the title is abbreviated, so an internet search of the full title may not have found it.



Good Luck in finding out what the course consist of, and when you do, please share with us.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv



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Well if it has a code, then it maybe an older training that no longer exists. Some older courses pre SCOUTNET do have training codes, i.e. SM Fundamentals, Brownsea 22, JLT, Cub Leader Basic, and Explorer Leader Basic Training among other older courses. So what has replaced it?


Again what I cited is the current training courses offered and what currently takes to be trained as a Venturing leader.So as long as they have these, you should be covered.


One caveat, some old fogeys who were Exploring Leaders before the Venturing split in 1998 were told at that time that we would be still ocnsidered trained when our Posts became Crews. So you may have 'trained" venturing leaders who never went through Venturing Specific b/c we were told that we didn't have too. I remember being told that 2 times, once at PDL-1 and once at the 98 All Hands conferecne by the then Venturing Director. Hence why i never went through any Venturing Specific training, except the stuff at the conference so that I can get a familiarization with the 'new" program ansd could start crewss. However my records were never corrected, and I've been told that there was no grandfathering in place. So if there are challenges, talk to the council training chair.



ADDED: Looking at the link provide and the other trainiing courses in the H series. They all look like additional/ supplementary courses.

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Are you certain? I see COPE Instructor as H09, something I've taught, as COPE Dirtector as H43. They also have Red Cross Instructor in the H category. COPE instructor is something that any cope director can do, COPE Dir. go to NCS for cert, and anyone ccan get certified as an ARC instrutcor via your local ARC chapter.


Just out of curiousity, anyone know when did the N series come out, specifically N01 First Aid, N04 CPR, N05 CPR and AED? And finally why isn't their a generic First Aid instructor cert like the ARC Instructor above?

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Not sure when it's all supposed to happen, but all outdoor skills trainings are supposed to be combined into one format. No more Webelos Outdoor and Scoutmaster Outdoor as separate. This was then to include Venturing as part of the new training, all as one, good for all.


Don't know if it will affect BALOO training.

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BALOO will be unaffected, and according to the March and April Training Updates from national, it looked as if the merger with WeLOT and IOLS would occur this year, but according to May Update, it's delayed. HOWEVER, my district is going ahead and inviting WDLs to IOLS.

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BALOO and OLS are very different than high adventure training and there really is not a cohesive way to combine them. Powderhorn is just an introduction to HA and it is much more rigorous than either BALOO and OLS, as it should be. One size fits all does not work in this case. Powderhorn, if it is done right, has some application with older boy scouts but has no relevance to the outdoor activities of cub scouts. I seriously doubt there is going to be just one outdoor activity training for all as the three programs are so different in nature.

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High Adventure skills are NOT basic skills. These are events where there is some inherent risk involved, and the reason why untrained or inadequately trained leaders should NOT attempt these type of events. Too many scouts, venturers have been seriously injured and killed because their ill trained leaders thought it was no big deal to go river rafting, mountain climbing, or caving without proper training or adequate equipment.


Any basic outdoor skills course needs to make sure the trainees understand exactly what type of trips they can and can NOT do with their scouts.

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Agree HA activities do need special advance training and prep work. I would not feel comfortable letting a new leader with only IOLS go on a 50 Miler on the AT. Heck I've done advance training with the BSA as a youth for an HA expedition and did training with the Eckerd Foundation on trip planning, and I would still want to review the details and get necessary certs/recerts on things. Again we agree on that.


But what I believe RK mentioned was the fact national has stated that WeLOT and IOLS would be merging. originally this would cover basic outdoor skills for WDLs, Scout leaders, and Venturing leaders (mandatory for them since Jan 1 2010 if they have an outdoor program). Originally it was stated that it would be combined this year, now they are pushing it back.


In reference to HA activities, I'm told Powderhorn is a great course for an intro. Me personally I would use a consultant or other expert to help plan and prep a unit for a trip. hence I would focus the trainign to that one specific trip, and have everyone go through it.

Just my $.02 worth.

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"In reference to HA activities, I'm told Powderhorn is a great course for an intro. Me personally I would use a consultant or other expert to help plan and prep a unit for a trip. hence I would focus the trainign to that one specific trip, and have everyone go through it."


One of the purposes of PH is to introduce you to the many local consultants/resources. This is why 1) the staff of the course aren't expected to be your expects, that's why we get outside consultants to come in and 2) many recommend that you take a LOCAL PH course so you can be introduced to these LOCAL consultants vs. going to a course in another state.


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A consultant for a Backpacking trip??????? I musta missed something.


Start with an overnight with 1 or 2 miles in and back, probably could do it real easy at a scout camp.


Then 5 miles in and back, single night again.


Then 10 miles in multi night.


Pretty simple.



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