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structure of a crew??

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A question just came up for which I'm sure someone out there has an answer. If one is comparing a crew to a troop, what are the leadership positions? SPL = President, right? What else is there? How about the equivalent of a PL? If there's a large crew, how is it made up, or is it all just one big happy family? Anybody have a crew of 20-30 kids?

How's it work? Both by the book, and how you do it.

Thanks, BDPT00

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Don't compare a Troop to a Crew. They aren't the same.


It's more like a school club. President is youth program officer. Assorted VPs, Secretary, Treasurer ... whatever offices the youth determine are needed.


May I suggest you take Venturing Fast Start and Venturing Leader Specific training?

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John-in-KC has it right.


Venturing Crews are structured like any regular club/organization: President, 2 or more Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. Those are the officers, and there are office patches for them.


As needed, the group should form committees within the group to do certain things. Some might be long-term (exist for the whole year) lead by an elected officers (Program Committee headed by the VP-Program, Fundraising Committee headed by the Treasurer, etc), or short term (Awards Banquet Committee, Superactivity Committee, etc). Everyone in the crew should be in one or more committees. This way you spread the load and get everyone involved in the program of the crew.


To a degree, your crew speciality will dictate your crew structure. (does every crew need a crew quartermaster? Some do, some don't). While some committees will be standard, some may be determined by what your crew does.


In addition to the training noted, get a copy of the Venturing Leader Manual, which is the handbook for officers & advisors.



You don't need patrols or patrol-like groups to organize a crew, even one of 20-30 kids. My APO chapter is usually around that size and we don't need that. We have officers who get things done. Everyone is involved by getting them into committees (do NOT compare committees to patrols, they are NOT the same).


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At this point, I don't feel a need to take any Venturing training. I'm simply asking a question. We're all part of an organization that has dens and squads and patrols. I'm simply looking for a Venturing counterpart. It appears at this point that there is none, and that's fine. Just a fact-seeking mission.

Thank you,


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