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Venture Crew minimums?

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I've been kicking around starting a VC, and i've heard people talk about certain minimums regarding youth who are 'primarily' registered to the crew vs. ones that are dual-registered through a troop.

Reason being, I have a lot of older boys in our troop interested in joining, but i'm sure they want to get their eagle through the troop. Is there a minimum number of youth I need to have that are primarily registered to the crew?


Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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First off, its "VenturING Crew", not "Venture Crew".


You need a minimum of 5 Venturers registered as "primary" in your crew.


HOWEVER, it really doesn't matter whether a youth is primary in the crew or troop when it comes to Eagle. If they are registered in both, they can decide which one to go with. If they get their Eagle in the troop, they need to have held a POR in the troop, and been reviewed by the scoutmaster. If they get it in the crew, they need to have held a POR in the crew and been reviewed by the advisor.



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Not so about the POR, emb021! In the past 10 months, three boys in my crew have been awarded eagles who were primary in the troop and held their POR in the crew. Likewise, boys could get their rank advancement through the crew and have POR in the troop. (My council HQ did raise the issue with the most recent boy, I had them called National, and they made it clear that there is no such "rule of primary membership". Kind of makes sense 'cause it isn't in the book or on the Eagle application.)


Mick1141, this makes your life easier because you can explain to your scouts that with multiple membership they may advance in rank where most convenient, and fulfill their POR's where they see the greatest need, not where primary membership is held.


This is critical, because if your experience is like mine, it will take a couple of years for venturers who aren't members of the troop to begin to take on leadership roles.

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