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Asian Carp Infestation

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The Bermuda Trainagle has it's issues and The Illinois River has hers. We put parents who interupt meetings in the bows of motorboats and go slowly.


Damn the Carpedoes, full speed ahead!(This message has been edited by Argyle)

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The Mississippi has these fish as well. Commercial fishermen are putting up plexiglass guards on their boats for protection. We have our parents waterski, some of the fish are a little slower and strike late, every fisherman knows the importance of a stinger on their jig.



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I remember fishing up by Lacrosse on the Mississippi as a kid. Stripers galore, Large Mouth, Small Mouth, and Walleye. On the Illinois River south of the locks at Pekin, they're saying that the Big Head and Silver Asian Carp are 9 out of 10 fish.


That's a huge percentage, much higher than the number of Sea Scouts getting trained at the SEAL Courses.

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