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About a year ago I started a crew with a geocaching theme. We are chartered by Michigan Geocaching Organization (MiGO). Currently, we're the only crew to be sponsored by a geocaching organization. (as far as I know)

I have been looking for other crews that have geocaching as their theme. I would like to open up some communication so we can share ideas and possably coordinate activities together.(maybe at a mega event)


So, are there any other Venturing crews with geocaching as it's theme?

if not there should be

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Geocaching is a lot of fun! There are lots of variations, but it combines orienteering and hiking with the thrill of treasure hunting. Our troop has done this as a campout event and it was great. I don't know of any local Crews with this theme, but I'll ask at the next Roundtable.

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On a recent campout, our troop found a cache accidently while looking for fishing bait. I had seen a local TV show boston that featured a story on geocaching so I figured out pretty quickly what we had found. I told the boys what I knew about it, filled out the log, took something, left something, and went looking for a GPS after the campout

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For those wondering what geocaching is look here: http://www.geocaching.com/faq/

It's awsome fun, if you haven't done it yet try it...you'll probably like it.


Geocaching is much more than just looking for lost tupperware in the woods. There is a huge social aspect to caching. You get to know other cachers first by finding their hides and by them finding yours. Then you attend events to meet all these people face to face...there is always something to talk about. Some events are "Mega" events where 500+ geocachers get together for a geocaching convention of sorts. Another type of event is a cache-in trash-out event (CITO). This is where a group of cachers get together to do a cleanup project. Most geocachers are very enviromentally conscientious and do whatever they can to keep parks and forests clean.

Some geocachers are collectors of signiture items and geocoins, this also adds to the social aspect of the sport.

Geocaching organizations like MIGO (http://www.mi-geocaching.org)have formed to provide a community for geocachers, host events, commuicate with land managers, and in our case charter a venturing crew.


IMO this is great theme for a Venturing Crew. I just wish there were more crews like ours, but we haven't found any others...yet.


There I go rambling again...this post ended up being longer than I intended.(This message has been edited by Koda)

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...and our skillbase for this coming Monday is GUESS WHAT?


We planted a geocache last year ( Looney Dam View on www.geocaching.com ) , and found several more. WE just planted another one a couple of weeks ago and at the skillbase this Monday we'll record that and lookup the posts of all those who found our previous cache.


We've had a lot of fun with this, and the Scouts come up with all kinds of stuff to put in the box. It adds additional dimensions to our backpacking trips and makes the day hikes more interesting.


We don't have internet access at our meeting place, so I'm gonna have 20 scouts at my house ( I have a wireless network ) where we'll setup laptops and work in patrols.


Please pray for my wife! :-)



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