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Electing Ship (Crew) Officers

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I had had a couple of kids contact me about becoming ship officers (and we haven't even had our first meeting yet)


I do want the ship to be run by the youth and I think the sooner the better, however having them take over unprepared won't be good either.


Not knowing many of the kids before hand, I had tentatively scheduled elections for Sept. My first impression for a couple of them is that could take over sooner.


How long should the ship be together before holding elections?





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Have you read the outline from National on starting a Crew/Ship? This is step #5:


"The first meeting is held, involving young adults, the adult committee, and selected consultants. Adult Advisors share the program plans with the new Venturers (youth) and discuss member involvement and leadership roles through the election of youth officers."


The Sea Scout Manaul has a basic outline of officers and their duties. You could do elections now for your 'interim' officers that would serve from now to September. Said officers would have the responsibility of working with you and your Mates to put together your Ship Bylaws and other documents (which need to be voted in by all the youth), etc, setting down meeting and events and the like, then have elections in September.


Also read this document: http://www.scouting.org/venturing/support/resources/pdf/25-352.pdf


Hope this helps.

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I have seen this but the Sea Scout Web site shows a different procedure to start a ship and has been the one we have been following


Step #6 The first 3 months of meetings and activities are planned and scheduled.

Step #7 -Young adults are recruited to join the Ship.

Step #8 - The Ship is chartered by the BSA council.

Step #9 - The new Ship members elect petty officers as soon as possible.


Which way is correct? Which way works better?

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When our crew started I went with this:


1. Had two months of events planned out.

2. Appointed and interim Pres and VP.

3. The second event was a lock in campout. Part of the weekend was for the youth to elect their officers and have a rough plan of events for the following year.


Hope this helps.


Cary P

Crew 805 Advisor

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The section I quoted is from the National website: http://www.scouting.org/venturing/about/newcrew.html on starting a new crew/ship, which gives a basic 5 step process.


I would instead recommend you use the more detailed process from "How to Start a Sea Scout Ship" document I gave you the link for. As mentioned, it also gives you some excellent meeting plans and the like.



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