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Jambo- Scout Fest 2006 Kutztown PA

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The Scout Fest 2006 held on the grounds of Kutztown University in Kutztwon PA was held this past week end (May 19-21) Over 5,000 participants were registered. Venturing has specific events from a film festival of Crew produced films to tie-dyeing and many others.


Perhaps the most popular event was the Venturing "social" held after the fireworks on Saturday night. There was fear if it was called a "dance" that males wouldnt show up because they might think they would have to dance. It wasnt called a "mixer" as it was felt that "mixer" was an Anchronistic term, they went with "social" and indeed it was with over 10 crews snacking, talking and dancing to the DJ's music (Also a Crew member). The height of the evening would have to be the entire attendees singing the refrain to the VIllage Peoples "Y M C A"



A gathering of Arrowmen was held in the next room. The question of whose party was more rockin was answered when in less than 30 minutes the Lodge Chief was dancing with the Venturers



I love this Venturing Crew Stuff!

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A lot of the Sea Scout events we attend have a youth dance.

Tom, one of the Sea Scouts went to a Good Will Store and returned with the ugliest pair of white shoes I've ever seen in my life.

Tom is about five foot three, the shoes were nearly as big as him. They must have been something like a size 15.

Tom thought these shoes were really something. He called them his "Disco Shoes."

When the next Sea Scout dance came along Tom and his shoes were ready.

Then the word got out that the dance would be in the gym!! Tom wasn't happy he didn't want a sock hop.

As luck would have it they moved the dance to the cafeteria. So Tom got to give the Disco Shoes an outing.


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