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Earning Eagle Rank in Venturing

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I am waaayyy ahead of myself considering my son is just ending his first year of Webelos, but since it is on my mind I'll ask....


Can boys (and girls?) in a Venturing Crew advance through the ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle? Or, are these ranks only to be earned by a boy in a Boy Scout Troop?


I searched through old posts and see hints of advancement and dual-membership issues, but not a clear answer, so your answers are appreciated.



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If a Boy Scout joins a Crew as a first class scout, he may earn Star, Life and Eagle as a Scout or as a Venturer. (if he joins as a Star, he can earn Life and Eagle as a acout or Venturer) etc.


The key is joining as a First Class scout or higher rank. The First Class scout thing also kills any shot of a girl earning Eagle,as she cant become a first class scout. But, she may work in her Ranger, Quest, Gold, and Silver awards.

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I understand. Thanks.


The reason Venturing is so much on our mind is that my 3rd grade daughter is already tiring of Girl Scouts and is excited about Venturing. She has met several Venturing teens at the Cub Scout Day Camp family events and really liked them - really impressive young kids.


Its not because the Girl Scout program can't meet her "needs", but because the parental leadership doesn't have the outdoor skills/inclination, and my daughter LOOOVVVEESS the outdoors.


Yes, I probably should be more involved, but I'm already mildly overtasked with Cub Scouts AND the other girls don't really seem to be the outdoors types.


My son plans on joining a Boy Scout Troop next year. I would assume he'd make First Class by the time he and his sister are old enough to join a Venture Crew. I'm sure my daughter won't care about the rank issue so long as she gets to camp/hike or whatever.

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A girl can not recieve the Eagle. But they can recieve all the other awards. The system starts with Bronze in several areas, then it goes to Gold and then the Silver which by the way has a eagle on it.

There are also two other award programs, one is Ranger which is outdoor skills, with a basic core group if you do half of the core requirements, you recieve your Outdoor Bronze.Then there are electives to do for the Ranger. Rangers have been known to help out troops and packs with programs.


The other award is Quest which is a sport based award. I haven't had much experience with it yet, one of my crew members just bought the book.


Female crew members are not able to join Order of the Arrow either. But my Daughter is on the OA Dance team. Because they are a Crew.


If your daughter is still interested in Crew when she is old enough. Let her join up!!! The girls do extremely well in the Crew enviroment. They are great at running the program. My crew is about 80% female.



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