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Good Weekend!!! Picked up a new Sea Scout and went on a "Land Cruise" this weekend out at the Range. The big hit was shooting skeet. We took turns shooting at 5 birds per turn. When not on the line, the shipmates were the OLE cheering section. Got a little chilly Saturday night, down to 19 degrees. Took one of my boys with me, was a little worried about the cold, but with the rig I created for him (fleece inside, mummy, inside sleeping bag, he was toasty. OGE's Oreo fondu went over extremely well. Not a crumb left. We played some touch football also. Can't remember having so much fun. My son slept through the football game, so he didn't get to see dad unleash "Air Trail Pounder" on them. But the Skeet Shooting was definitely a winner. The one kid who had never fired a shotgun before was a little nervey at first, he missed 13 birds in a row, and finally he powdered one, and everyone cheered, his smile reached ear-to-ear. We'll do more of this.



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