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Continuation of Air Scout Discussion

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This thread was spun from another thread.What I am basically referring to, to make Air Scouting in Venturing similar to what Sea Scouting is already, also to focus on the avocational side of aviation, not to interfer with the Aviation Exploring Program of Exploring, but to reintroduce the program of the 50's and 60's with a 21st century emphasis, reinstate a 2 track recogntion and advancement system, bring back the encampments, seperate uniforming or ddi do all this within the 21st century Venturing Program emphasis

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WhatI am basically referring to is a continuation of the 1950's

Air Scout or Air Exploring program just in a 21st century format the youth leadership would be elected, in Civil Air Patrol the Crew has to operate within the CAP squadron schedule, and it does not get top bill, I would like to seperate it from that. Also since CAP is a USAF

auxiliary it has a military leadership. In military leadership democratic process is not very much at the top of their priorities. . I would like to take the old program and bring it up to speed within today's Venturing Program. Still to retain the traditions but bring in the Venturing youth leadership program, but still use the Air Scout Squadron structure and the

Air Scout Squadron format and have the squadron crews, be seperate flights in the squadron with flight leaders elected as patrol leaders are elected in a troop format, the squadrons could be male, female, or co-ed and the squadron president, also could be a senior squadron leader.and so forth.This is not to change or compete with LFL/Exploring's Aviation Explorer Program or any post in it.

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You may have somthing there. Although, I agree with Bob. I do see where you are coming from. the only thing, is do you have access to any of the old 50's-60's manuals that can be changed to "21st century" guidlines.


The process to add Air Scouts into the Venturing Program will take time and resources. It would have to start in the Venturing Crews asking for that program.


In order for this to "take off". It has to be a grass roots movement starting with the Crew, then the District, then the Council, then Region, and then finally National, BUT there has to be a demand for it.


National's reply would be, we already have Aviation in LFL or they can join a Venturing Crew that is Chartered by a CAP unit.


There is nothing in the Venturing Manual that suggest that Air Scouts can't be done in the current program. It's up to the Venturers to decide if that is what they want to do. They can take the old format and upgrade it to their program needs.



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Mantuawarrior, Thank you for your encouragement #1 I was a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol in the late 1960's also a Senior Member in the

CAP in the late 90's, #2 I do have an old Air Explorer Manual from the 1950's.In that manual there is a very good picture of what Air Exploring was. I am a Unit Commissioner for an Outdoor Venturing Crew and I used a part of that manual for a Silver Banquet for the crew. The youth used a part of it. The crew associate advisor borrowed the manual for a while and liked it. I believe youth would like to do that program. It is right up their alley, especially if they are kind of knowledgeable about the Classic Exploring Program the 1950's and early 1960's kind. Oh by the way the CAP squadron that I was a senior member in I was also the crew advisor for and the

program did not do very well with the CAP cadets they had a disdain for anything related to scouting, we tried to bring it in. The squadron was also a crew 1008 and did not go very far. So I look at the Air Exploring Manual and see that program could go. But to contemporize it into the 21st Century Venturing Division I would look at the Sea Scout program and go from there. It would do well Co-ed and with Distinctive Dress Identity. The old style of uniforming could be used with a little imagination and innovation, but the uniform if any is the choice of the crew. Again thanks Mantuawarrior , oh by the way how's the weather in the Pacific area



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