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I just completed Powderhorn.


Good course. It is basically designed to exposed Scouters to opportunities available to Scouts while at the same time giving those in attendance an oppotunity to experience some different type of activities.


Basically the way it works is that they bring in "consultants" who are experienced in the topic they are covering. Some of our topics were wilderness survival, leave no trace, camp cooking, scuba, shooting, archery, kayaking, reenacting, COPE, backpacking, camping, first aid, etc. Many of the consultants were great.


Powderhorn is nothing like Wood Badge. Ours was taught over two three day periods. We camped in our own tents, and had a short backpacking/camping trip the second weekend. We were grouped into crews of 4 to 6 members.


A great place to learn about activities available to Scouts. And the Powderhorn badge is neat!


I recommend the course.



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