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Jgood, sorry it did not work out on your previous interview fo a DE position..


I don't know of any openings.. Currently Councils are shrinking.. But the rumor mill is going two ways.. 1) That they are doing away with DE's .. This the majority of us think is a very false rumor, as it doesn't make sense.. There would be no one to push FOS & membership.. 2) That they are thinking of adding more DE's to councils.. A more hopeful rumor for you if true, but still just a rumor.


I know the Michigan, Illinois area combined.. It was said that they were making a larger district, but putting more DE's on the groung.. Possibly there are openings there?


Put your resume out to any and every council, DE is a tough field.. Most DE's either get burned out or get kicked out for not raising membership / $$$, or because they tick off their volunteer corp focusing on Membership / $$$ when the volunteer corp has little interest in that type of stuff.


Our Council may have an opening in NH, don't know if there really is an opening, or if they are just perpetually looking.. here is their opportunity website page.. They usually loose about 3 or 4 DE's a year.. http://www.nhscouting.org/openrosters/ViewOrgPageLink.asp?LinkKey=12065&orgkey=1818


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Thanks for the replies. The most discouraging thing is being told they call me with an answer and never calling or calling back when I leave a message. I dont mind being turned down but atleast tell me.

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Ahhhh.. The old ostrich with his head in the sand trick.. Avoiding all that is unplesent..


Yeah, you wonder why with that popular style of action at council offices they get any volunteers..


Well, if you do become a DE somewhere, remember this, and remember to call people back even if the news you have is not all that pleasent..


May not make you the most popular with the person you give the bad news too, but it will put you in a better place at least earn you the respect of your group then playing the shove the head in the sand trick will.

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