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Professionals--A day in the Life

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I am not a professional. I do work very closely with our DE. We spend a lot of time working toward the goals that we set.

Today at 8:30 am She phoned to say that the park in one school district wouldn't be available for a Tiger Cub recruiting drive, we discussed alternative venues and she was going to check them out and call the membership chair.

We spoke at 2:00 pm She had picked up some cash from a community FOS captain and been to the Scout Service Center.While she was there she found out the Field Director was moving some money from our District Campaign to the Council campaign. She let him know of her displeasure and informed him that he would be hearing from the District Chairman and the Finance Chair.

She had been in contact with the Chairman in charge of our district Outstanding Citizen Dinner and planned a meeting with the three of us for tomorrow.

I got home and she had E-mailed me the copy of the patch that she ordered for the spring camporee. Along with details about the district golf outing. At 9:00 pm she called to say that we were close to meeting our finance goal and with a little luck would meet it tomorrow, she would let me know at lunch.

All in all not a bad days work. She had been involved in Membership, Finance and program.

Her goals are my goals. We will earn Quality District. We will continue to help fulfill the mission of Scouting. At times it is all admin. type stuff and not what I would call fun. She tells me that she just loves the volunteers in our district.


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I'm curious about volunteer perceptions of what professionals do on a day-to-day basis. I'm only interested in perceptions. Not cheap shots.


This is not a scientific study and I'm not qualified to give an answer. Eamonn's example is good and I know what I do, but really don't know what we're perceived as doing.

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