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Scouting in former states of the Soviet Empire

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We've got a lot funny things connected to foreign Scouts in Russia, sometimes it is a real adventures. Once British Scouts weared in long BP shorts (knees level)survive in Moscow when temperet. was - 37C (please advise Fahrenheit) it was extremely cold but in couple days my Scouts came to meeting in Shorts as well - so! Good example - fast learning!



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Partnering with other troops -


Today - June 19th, Troop 1040 leaves for Lithuania. This is the result of much work, much planning. Keep us in your prayers as our 5 boys and 2 adults go forth across the world.


If anyone is still interested in partnering with a scout troop, please email me directly, and we can discuss the oppertunity.




Timm Bacher

Scoutmaster 1040



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