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  1. Dear friends and brothers! final stage of preparation is coming - soon in July 2004 I hope to see you all in our camp-site on the Vetluga bank near Nizhny Novgorod (ex-Gorky), pls do not hesitate to contact me for detailes or here http://scoutmaster.ru/ru/j2000/Jamb_vetl_04.htm YiS, Slava E. Chernykh, scm
  2. Theoretically it was St. George - Saint patron of Scouts, but if you want it can be BP during Boer Campaign. Slava
  3. Yes, American required a visas, I don't think it will problem just cost money. We are anticipate near 2 000 Scouts from Russian Union of Scouts and other Scout formation of country. YiS, Slava
  4. We've got a lot funny things connected to foreign Scouts in Russia, sometimes it is a real adventures. Once British Scouts weared in long BP shorts (knees level)survive in Moscow when temperet. was - 37C (please advise Fahrenheit) it was extremely cold but in couple days my Scouts came to meeting in Shorts as well - so! Good example - fast learning! YiS, Slava
  5. Dear brother Scouters! I welcome all of you and your Scouts to our traditional camp-site where July 2004 we will hold International Jamboree. You will see a real Russian Scouts:-), wonderful Russian nature, great views of Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin (castle) and will feel a real Russian hospitality (include BANYA and BLINCHIKI:-) (Kalashnikov by special requests%)). We promise that your field survival and hiking experience will be very usefull! Already few BSA patrols proposed to be there, if you need I will provide you with treir addresses. Visit our web-site www.Scoutmaster.ru and en
  6. Hi, Bob White and other Scouters! probably those Russians whom your friend contacted were not a real Russian:-) cause in our language we'got absolutrely analogical word DOBROVOLETS that's mean VOLUNTEER. But I'm agree that lot of so called "Scout leaders" in Russia and "Soviet Empire" just people on duty and earn money for Scouting. Please remember - some of them, but NOT ALL. For reason to know more about Russian Scouting pls visit www.Scoutmaster.ru it's official web-site of The Russian Union of Scouts (we are WOSM member if it is important) We have English version of site and if y
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