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  1. Partnering with other troops - Today - June 19th, Troop 1040 leaves for Lithuania. This is the result of much work, much planning. Keep us in your prayers as our 5 boys and 2 adults go forth across the world. If anyone is still interested in partnering with a scout troop, please email me directly, and we can discuss the oppertunity. yis Timm Bacher Scoutmaster 1040
  2. re - how do you partner Yes it is a good start to begin with your council. The thing I must say is don't give up if you don't get the help you are looking for. We just went ahead and worked our way through the system. Contacts are always available. If one doesn't work, try the next. If you work, you can make it happen. Sooo Troop 1040 is planning an international trip to Lithuania on June 18-July 6th 2003. This trip is a BIG trip for us. The boys have been working hard, and have solved many problems. Many problems still exist. Its going to be a great trip. If any
  3. Scouting is alive and well in Pilviskiai Lithuania!! If you recall the movie Red October, the captain recall of his boyhood days of living near Vilinus Lithuania. 10 years ago Lithuania ended its Soviet Occupation (their words) with a declaration of independence, and a revolution. Blood was shed, but independence was gained. With that came religious freedom, and also from the west, help in re-establishing the churches that were there before WWII and the Soivet Occupation. First United Methodist Church Green Bay has a partner church in Pilviskiai Lithuania. And the Boy Scout Troop
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