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Cub scout uniform at girl scout events?

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Do you think it is appropriate to wear a cub scout uniform at a girl scout event? and vise versus for a girl scout to wear there uniform at a cub scout event like a cuboree when the boys are all in class-a uniforms? And what about adults who are involved with both..... Is it inappropriate for me to wear my uniform at a girl scouting event?(This message has been edited by Pack378)

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I think uniforms of any type are always appropriate at formal events like Courts of Honor (not sure what the equivalent is for Girl Scouts) and other ceremonies. Military personnel, police officers, and other first responders should be encouraged wear their uniforms to these events (as may be permitted by their organizations).


At more informal activities like Cuborees, I'd say it would be a personal choice. I probably wouldn't wear my uniform to a Girl Scout activity.

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I would say that adults who are active in both GSUSA & BSA should wear the uniform of the capacity they are serving in. If they are attending a GSUSA event as a GS leader they should wear the GS uniform. If they are attending A BSA event as a BSA leader they should wear their BSA uniform. It they are attending either event as simply a parent, then no uniform is called for.


I would say that for Cuboree's, Pack meetings, Pack Family Camping, etc, that a GS uniform is not really necessary.


The same would be said of a Girl Scout event. In both cases the sibling is attending as a family member.


The only times I would say it was appropriate to wear all types of Scouting uniforms would be -


Some type of Community Service like a flag ceremony

Joint Cub/Girl Scout events

Eagle COH

Gold Award Ceremony

Scout Sundays


That, of course, is simply my own opinion. There is no written rule. Also, if you can get your son or daughter to wear their uniforms when they don't absoulutely HAVE to, you are doing a LOT better than I ever was able to do!

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Where is there any disagreement here?

For a boy or girl to take pride in being a Scout, how wonderful is that?

At a friends wedding, another friends son wore his Cub Scout Uniform to the ceremony. The boy considered the uniform HIS formal wear.

I would certainly wear my adult uniform to a Girl Scout Court of Honor. I would expect any brother of a Girl Scout being awarded the "Gold " would wear his full uniform in her honor. Of course its appropriate.


At the funeral of a man who was the Cubmaster of my sons pack before I was Cubmaster, I went to work that morning and then changed out of my work uniform and into my Scout uni before I entered the church. The man was (among other things) a Doctor in the Navy, and the Naval folks all attended in uniform, in his honor. When is there a bad time to wear the uni?


YiS dressed...(This message has been edited by SSScout)

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With us it is the other way around the girl scout wearing her uniform to a scout function scout Sunday several times. Our local scout camp has a reenactment weekend where any scout in uniform is admitted for free. now I would not have her wear uniform to a troop meeting or campout.

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My $.02..


Adults should wear uniform depending on the event that they are participating in (either GSUSA or BSA). Although I will say that the BSA adult uniform is a bit more to behold than the GSUSA adult uniform I would never think of showing disrespect to my BSA commitments by showing up with my shirt and tab...likewise to GSUSA commitments in my BSA uniform.


As for kids, if there is a son that wants to attend with his sister AT his sister's Troop meeting, why not allow him to attend in his cubbie uniform. I agree with allowing a cubbie to take pride in his uniform.


By the way, being in Grand Rapids and experiencing the interment of Gerald R Ford was quite a sight to behold with all of the cubbie and scout uniforms; banners and flags; and a good contingency of girl scouts who paid their respects while in their vests, tabs and sashes.


I still think emphasizing the uniform for both boys and girls is an important part of the scouting experience.


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