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GSUSA Proposed Changes to Uniform & Program

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From another list I am on -




GSUSA Proposed Uniform and Program Changes


The GSUSA National Board will vote on these proposals on Aug. 28th. Please send your responses about the proposed changes to GSUSA before time is up.


Kathy Cloninger

Chief Executive Officer, GSUSA

420 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10018-2798


Phone: 212-852-5000, Fax: 212-852-6517


Eileen Doyle

Vice President, Program Development, GSUSA

420 5th Avenue

New York, NY 10018-2798


Phone: 212-852-5733, Fax: 212-852-6515


In addition to letting National know how you feel about these changes, be sure to also let your council know (in case National asks them what they think).


Uniform Proposal from GSUSA:

Girl Scouts at each level will have one official uniform item (e.g. tunic, vest, sash) for the display of official pins and awards. This uniform item will be required when girls participate in ceremonies or officially represent the Girl Scout Movement.


Girl Scouts at the Daisy and Brownie levels will continue to have a full uniform ensemble available.


A uniform national dress code will unite girls as Girl Scouts: Girl Scouts will wear white shirts and khaki pants or skirts with their official uniform item. Girls at the Daisy and Brownie levels may choose to wear the full uniform ensemble.


Teen Girl Scouts will also have a scarf uniting them in the WAGGGS tradition.


The adult uniform will be a scarf worn with the membership pins for women, and a tie for men. This will be required when adults participate in ceremonies or officially represent the Girl Scout Movement.


Girl Scouts of the USA will continue to evolve and offer a range of appealing casual wear for girls and adults.


Age Levels: Recommendation from GSUSA:

Grades K-1 ,Grades 2-3 ,Grades 4-5 ,Grades 6-8 ,Grades 9-10, Grades 11-12


Notes: K-1 girls will participate in the Cookie Program Activity. Combining K-1 gives girls and adults opportunities to learn from each other from the beginning of the Girl Scout experience.


Grouping girls consistently by grade responds to the "social age" of girls.


Distinct age groupings (NO OVERLAP) provide real differentiation.


Levels respond to research on three distinct stages of adolescence.


High capacity councils have the flexibility and discretion to adjust for local needs.


Proposed Girl Scout Level Name Changes:

Option #1 Daisy Girl Scouts, Brownie Girl Scouts, Junior Girl Scouts, Juliette Girl Scouts, Senior Girl Scouts and Ambassador Girl Scouts.


Option #2 Daisy Girl Scouts, Brownie Girl Scouts, Pathfinder Girl Scouts, Trailblazer Girl Scouts, Navigator Girl Scouts, Ambassador Girl Scouts.


Option #3 Daisy Girl Scouts, Brownie Girl Scouts, Girl Scout - L, Girl Scout - E, Girl Scout - A, Girl Scout - D (for this one girls would just be called "Girl Scouts" once they are in grade 4 and would wear a patch depending on their age level which would come from the word LEAD.)


Option #4 Daisy Girl Scouts, Brownie Girl Scouts, Juliette Girl Scouts, Navigator Girl Scout, Sojourner Girl Scout, Ambassador Girl Scouts


(Meanings behind the level names: Daisy - Plants the Seed, Brownie - Does Good Deeds, Juliette - Lights the Flame, Navigator - Finds Her Way, Sojourner - Walks the Path, Ambassador - Leads the Way)




I like some of the aspects of this. Studio 2B & Girl Scouts 11-17, never did go down very well. Breaking the levels up is a good idea, but there might be a problem with combining K & 1st. Their abilities are pretty different. I don't know how sticking strictly with grade levels & not age will fall out. What happens when a girl is either held back or moves ahead a grade? I think no overlap of grades is OK.


For names, I like either #2 or #4. Personally, I think someone at National was hitting the margarita's a bit to heavy when they came up with #3. That has got to be the worst ever! Unfortunately, knowing GSUSA's track record, that will be the one they go with. I can see it now - Hi, my name is Jane & I'm a Girl Scout E! Sheesh!!


You could kind of see the uniform change coming. Everything in the catalog is khaki & white already! Giving families the chance to supply their own shirt & pants is a good idea too. Then, there's the addition of NECKERS! YEA!! I think that will be a grand idea. You can take all of those crazy SWAPS & turn them into necker slides!


All in all, it sounds like GSUSA is trying to bring our model a bit closer to those in our sister WAGGGS organizations.


Well, it looks like National is moving things right along. Realignment looks like it will start to be implemented in many areas this October and in many more by next April. Fun times ahead.



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I'm all for the National Age Level Recomendations. My daughter started Daisy's at age 5 (Nov 02)and wasn't in kindergarden. Her first year as a Bownie was a little difficult as she couldn't read or write as the First and Second graders in her troop, and a few things were a little advanced for her. She's now in the 3rd grade starting her "4th year" in Brownies. Back in the spring She was given the choice to bridge to Jrs. or stay one more year as a Brownie. The Troop leader suggested that she stay one more year in Brownies, but I wanted her to cross to Jrs. I gave my daughter the choice and she wanted to stay in Brownies with her classmates.


As for the new uniform changes, I like seeing it.


Hey scoutdad what's your thoughts?


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You're right on about option #3. ICK. I really like the proposed "Navigator, Sojourner, Ambassidor" idea -- it has a very scout-like ring to it, but not a copy of BSA's interpretation.


It would be refreshing to stop competing with other non-scout organizations like 4-H and Boys & Girls Clubs, and be more in synch with the other WWAGGGS groups!


I'll send off an email to National today!


Thanks for the info

(A GS leader -- Juniors -- as well as a Scouter!)

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I think the age splits are a great idea! For the reasons (and examples) outlined by purcelce


I am not even into my first Brownie year yet but I see where the social group ideas will work out great...


The uniform ideas seem to be a good idea for a more consistent look with WAGGGSS. Tho a little bead of sweat came off my forehead when they mentioned neckerchiefs....thought I was back in the BSA....then I read further about the tie...whew....


As for the names, I am a traditionalist and like Opt #1...


I agree with the margarita reference on Opt #3...lol...and hope(pray) that National casually skips over this option


However, I just can't see the young ladies referring to themselves as Sojourners, Navigators or Trailblazers. I can certainly appreciate the meanings behind the name, but why start changing the names just yet. Let's wait and see if the age/grade groups work first (which I am sure they will), then adapt the names later...besides....where is the collective Girl Scout member voice for such an important issue such as changing the Troop names????


I will make sure and cut and past the above and send it to National as well.



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