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camp woodlands microwave tower!

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I just learned that the girl scouts in annapolis are going to put up a huge microwave tower for cell phones at camp woodlands. I can't believe it! I grew up going there and our kids have been going there still for outings and through school trips.


I don't know about the rest of you, but I think that having those microwaves near where kids play is absolutely uncool and unsafe!


there's a hearing march 1st in annapolis, but I don't know where.


I just am stunned and can't believe it

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First of all, there is no health hazard from microwave towers, unless you climb one and straddle the transducer.


Secondly, I doubt that the Girl Scouts are erecting it. THey have probably sold an easement on the camp property for the cell phone company to erect a tower, for which they will get a yearly fee.

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The scout camp that I attended as a youth had the highest mountain in a 50 mile radius. They had a huge antenna farm on it, didn't hurt us in the least, didn't degrade the camp, and the yearly fees went a long way to maintaining camp. The fees they get for this type of tower run 15K-30K per year for the land owner typically.

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