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Central Region NLS

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Here is the link where it will be posted come January:




I went to the Central Region NLS in Parkville, MO and I learned so many new things about leadership, if you participate you will have a good time.


I doubt that NLS will be in Wisconsin. They try to pick a somewhat centralized location throughout the region, but there is a possibility.


Yours in WWW,


Jim Naprstek

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Hello again...


I just came back from my Lodge Executive Committee Meeting, and my Staff Adviser handed out the following dates:




-February 24 to 26 Rochester, Indiana

-April 28 to 30 High Ridge, Missouri

-September 22 to 24 Camp Lake, Wisconsin

-November 17 to 19 Parkville, Missouri


And an NLATS (National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar):


-March 31 to April 2 Parkville, Missouri


If this is wrong or anyone else has anything to add, feel free



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