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NOAC Contingent Fees

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My fellow Arrowmen,

by now we know that the conference fee for NOAC 2006 is $345. My question is, how much are your lodges charging as a contingent fee and what are you receiving for said fee? I'm doing a little research to take to my lodge's executive committee and all information will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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My lodge (from Texas) originally was $800 because we were taking a train up there, but then we realized the train was too expensive so we are now paying $650 for transportation, really cool patches, regrestration, a shirt, etc.

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Madockawanda Lodge, Pine Tree Council, is charging $850 to go. This covers all transportation (combination of plane and train), side trips, lodging before/after NOAC and all but a couple of meals in Chicago (touring before NOAC if I recall). Fee does not include the uniforms you need (if you don't have a few already).


Our lodge has one slot left (as of 6/30). Alas, I don't have $850 I can spare--it's all going in the heating oil tank for next winter.

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