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Should I reactivate my membership?

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As a former member of T'Kope Kwiskwis (the Chief Seattle Council's lodge), I would highly recommend that you rejoin the OA. T'Kope is a very active lodge and they offer a variety of opportunities for adults and youth in the greater Seattle area. You'd also know who to contact when you are trying to get an OA team for your pack's AoL crossovers.


Also, as far as the flap and insignia go: it's a good talking point with Scouts because they are always interested in badges.


Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about joining the lodge. They would love to have another member (or even recruit you as a Chapter Adviser! ;) ).

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Hello Eagle,



Thank you for the kind invitation.


I've seen OA applications at the Scout office and considered reactiviating my membership. I know the district chapter adviser well and he's done a great job of reactivating our Aquila chapter pretty much as the only adult leader so far as I know.


I was taken aback by the expectations for adults to provide services to the chapter. I do a number of pretty valuable activities now and I really can't justify taking on more tasks now, however much I'd like to do so.


Right now what I'd like to do is to get the help from our neighboring Scout Troop or OA to help promote our district day camp at out next pack meeting. I'm reviving the pack and there isn't the base of experience with day camp that would ignite the interest of both Cub Scouts and their parents.


Getting two or three Boy Scouts who went to day camp to promote that activity would be a big help. I expect I'll ask our Scout Troop before the OA ---- they meet the same night and the Scouts and perhaps their parents could stop by before the Troop meeting to help promote the camp.


I suppose if I asked our chapter OA adviser he would be glad to designate that an OA activity for the OA members in the Troop. That would give the Scouts and chapter credit for an OA activity and they could wear their OA sash while promoting day camp.


Sorry if this is rambling ---- it's how I often put together program ideas.

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At the last roundtable, I had a few people echo the sentiments here, that I should reactivate my membership.


So I am now a dues-paying member of the Pachsegink Lodge #246 and was given my flap!

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I did get help from my neighboring Scout Troop in promoting Cub Scout Day Camp at our Monday Pack meeting. The Scoutmaster and five Boy Scouts came over and did a skit, which was nice.


I had gotten approval from the OA Lodge adviser that this could be considered an OA activity at which OA members could wear their sash, and had so advised the SM.


However, no one wore a sash, although I see quite a few at Troop Courts of Honor.


Oh, well.

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You took an obligation, long ago, you are taking the first steps to honoring that obligation by playing a part in your Pack. Although your activity with the pack may prevent you from being as faithful in the attendance of the sessions of your lodge as you would like, the lodges work is not only done at OA events. You were told long ago Those who chose you need you, you are answering that call now, pay your dues, sew on your flap, and let it be known you are a brother rendering cheerful service.

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