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Most young scouts when considering Eastern Woodland are not aware of the amount of cultrial destruction committed during both the colonial era, then followed by Manifest Destiny. It's easy for them to get steered into the wrong direction with a lot of mis-information.


What I've seen, and butted heads against, is that Eastern pow wows borrow far too much from other nations. Eagle feathers, grass dancing, war bonnetts, and teepees are not Eastern Woodland. Truthfully, I prefer Eastern Woodland over Great Plains since there is much greater diversity.


Here's a site that has excellant photos of the Eastern Woodland cultrue....



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Depending on your exact location in NW Ohio, you may be in the traditional lands of the Miami Indians. The nearest group of Miami to you would be in Indiana (http://www.miamiindians.org/), although the federally recognized Miami Nation is located in Oklahoma (http://www.miamination.com/).


As ASM915 mentioned, the Eiteljorg Museum may be an excellent source for you. They have a gallery titled Mihtohseenionki (Miami for The Peoples Place). If you cant visit they do have some on-line materials at http://www.eiteljorg.org/ejm_Education/JustForTeachers/details.asp?id=116.


Another potential resource is the Myaamia Project (http://www.myaamiaproject.com/) sponsored by Miami University.


Hope this helps. I live in Illinois and also wish our lodge would adopt an Eastern Woodlands theme for the ceremonies teams. However, the youth (and too many adults) are more attracted to the Hollywood/Plains Indian stereotypes.

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