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Order of the Arrow Admonition

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Welcome to Jumpstart Tech support. I'll be as basic as possible just in case. I know that when I get frustrated with something I stop seeing things that should be obvious.


1. Log into the Jumpstart website

2. Go to "Brotherhood", then "challenges" ("Challenges" appears on the mustard colored bar below the Blue tool bar with "Brotherhood")

3. Click on the little note pad that says memorize on it (It's the far left one)

4. You should now be in challenge one. In challenge one is everything you need to memorize for brotherhood, the first of which is...(drum roll please)...the admonition.


I hope this helps you get there. The other choice is to go ask anyone who is a brotherhood member, that know you are a member. They should whipser it to you.


-Yours in Cheerful Service




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A little off topic but ....


I don't like to be admonished. Using Merriam-Webster's definition it has a very bad connotation.



1 : gentle or friendly reproof

2 : counsel or warning against fault or oversight


(reproof: an often public or formal expression of disapproval)


So any way one looks at it, admonition is a strange choice of words - especially when one knows the meaning of the OA admonition!

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