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Speaking as the Unit Elections and camp promotions chair for my lodge let me think.


It might be the video thatis put out by national to be shown at OA elections. If this is the case it will have started off with a history of thr Order of the Arrow, and then the video will move on to rules for the election, quilifactions etc.


If this is not it, the movie might be the "How to Conduct a Unit Election" this is a training tool for unit election teams.


For either of these videos talk to your council service center, and they will point you to whoever can get you a copy. If this does not help, check the national OA web site www.OA-bsa.org


Florida Scout


P.S. To do this scouting thing you have to be crazy anyway, but in a good way!


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There have been a series of pretty good unit elections videos produced nationally. They are updated every few years, and some prefer one of the older ones over the current one, but I think they are all pretty good. It isn't unusually for several versions to be in circulation at once. Normally these videos are copied with the unit election team training video on the same tape.


Some lodges also produce their own unit election videos. I haven't ever seen any of these, but I have heard some are good.


Many lodges also distribute camp promotion videos.


I think the videos can be found on the current lodge resource CD. These are distributed to all NOAC participants. Any of the lodges, regions, or sections may have decided to post this on-line.


The video can also be ordered on tape, though I don't have the stock number.

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