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So, what is our response to the List?

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Yah, I think we each know our own communities, eh?


I reckon given how much play this is gettin', it's worth acknowledging it, puttin' it in perspective for folks, and talkin' about what da current situation is.


There was no legal reportin' obligation in play for the BSA durin' the time period covered by any of the released files, so yeh can tell folks that sort of claim is just false. Da files were kept confidential because if all yeh have is suspicion, yeh can't very well go and publicly repeat gossip about someone bein' a child molester. This is why most organizations didn't keep files, despite da added risk to kids of not havin' a way to track suspicious folks.


As close as I can tell from what has been released in da popular press thus far, in almost all da cases either the police or the parents knew, so blamin' the BSA for inaction seems a bit odd to me.


I wonder what da sexual harassment situation was like in newsrooms for the same period? If yeh applied today's sexual harassment law and ethics to da newsrooms of 1945 - 1985, do yeh think da L.A. Times would look very good?




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Interesting article and quote:




"Plante says the new policies and procedures in place at institutions that have been nearly destroyed by sexual deviancethe Catholic Church and even the Boy Scoutsshould serve as a model for child-focused organizations trying to prevent sexual abuse. He says pedophilia can be considered a public-health issue that requires a hybrid of biological, psychological, and social treatments rather than a criminal predilection or a disease easily treated with a pill.


"He says the next step in preventing pedophilia will be to focus on kids in youth sports, public schools, and organizations where children are left unsupervised. Plante says, kids in the Boy Scouts, Catholic Church, and in college football will be the safest kids on the planetbut its children everywhere else that remain at risk."


A child is more likely to be molested by his brother, his father, stepfather, or his teacher, than a Scout leader, priest, or minister - the public's shortsighted obsession with those groups is dangerous to the greater threats that children face.

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peregrinator, I'm just a CC trying to inform my leaders of something most of them didn't know about until yesterday. I'm not a lawyer. I'm sure there's lots in there people can nitpick, and maybe even a grammar error if you look hard enough.


Like I said, FWIW...

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Talked to the SPL a couple of weeks ago. He said he was tired of all the hype. (this included the homosexual and atheism issues as well.)


Our older boys are having a hard time figuring out what this has to do with hiking and camping and citizenship in general.


I don't think there's a scoutmaster hour, let alone minute, that could help.


I do think disclosing names of suspects is a potential issue for a boy to talk over with his citizenship in the community MBC, or maybe fodder for a venturer's ethics forum.

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