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As Beavah mentioned, if those bonds were being sent to me, and I could only cash them in at age 65, and they had a 7.2% rate of return, I'd believe in Social Security.


I paid my late Dad's. My son will pay mine.


One of these days our Chinese bankers will call the notes ... by telling us how America will do business. We are surrendering our sovereignty with each dollar of debt going someplace else.


Meanwhile, the Savings Bond? It gets such a pissant rate of return it's not worth investing in.

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I've read a lot of the recent books about our economic situation. The best seems to be Don Peck's book, Pinched.


His analysis suggests that Americans now have to face up to the fact that we need to work more, work smarter, spend less (and have a lower standard of living) and study harder.


This seems the basic economic equation we are dealing with.

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