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Health Insurance

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I've had a lot of ideas, some I've even posted here.


GWD ... bingo. If there's a single system, Medicare either is the system or is co-opted into the system.


But I digress.


My ideas:


1) Pharaceuticals: Why is ramipiril (generic of Altace ) $53 for a months supply at a major chain drugstore? Let's start by lowering the risk to R&D and manufacturing:

- When a med enters small scale human clinical trials, the manufacturer can write off (deduct) 1/2 the R&D costs for that med to that point.

- When a med enters large scale human clinical trials, the manufacturer can deduct the remaining R&D costs for that med to that point.

- When a med is approved for use by the FDA, the manufacturer receives an income tax credit for the value of R&D costs, less the deduction already taken.

- What's this do? Rewards successful meds getting to market, and lowers the costs to produce the first commercial batch.


2) Licensure in the healing arts is a privilege, not a right:

- There are 2080 manhours in the 40 hour week manyear.

- Licensed folk in the healing arts, as a condition of licensure give a tithe (10%) of that man-year as chartitable medicine, pharmacy, etc ...

- The tithe does not depend on the persons' employment status (two of the docs at the clinic I use are job-sharing, each being a half time employee). The license comes with a mandatory donation.

- This applies to docs, nurses, pharmacists, radiology techs, psychologists ... anyone licensed by a State healing arts board.


3) Like Eagle92, I'm an advocate of loser pays, but I have a twist:

- The State must hold a preliminary hearing within 60 days of the filing. The standard is the same: Is there probable cause? If yes, let the evidence collecting go full-tilt. If there is not, the case ends immediately. This is a protection to the poor person who has a valid case.


Beavah, forgive me, but your profession has its full share of ambulance chasers even now. The industry of money associated with prevention/avoidance/restitution for malpractice has to be reigned in, so the practicioners can lower their costs of doing business.


Finally, incentivize preventive health care:

- Annual physicals, dental exams, and eye exams are a tax credit for a US Treasury set retail cost.

- Health savings accounts guaranteed by the US Treasury, and earn a guaranteed minimum rate of return. Mandatory participation.

- Health insurance covers bigger things.


It's all a pipe dream, sadly. :( Too many special interests with too much money. Cue Don Quixote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfHnzYEHAow(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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I like your 10% 'tithe' since I have given away 17-23% of my time and income every year that I have been in practice. Can I get a refund? I need a new car, will the car dealers give away 10% of their cars? How about attorneys, accountants, and other licensed professionals? Are they to be forced to provide free services?

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