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Maxine Water Spills Beans, Drops S Bomb

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Dunwoody is not exactly the setting for 'Dukes of Hazard'. ;)

And Brent alone is not symptomatic of how we got here. ALL of us who have enjoyed the life that our parents wanted us to have...have all contributed to varying degrees. This is the other painful edge of the sword that is wielded by the marketplace. It doesn't have a sense of foresight, or of strategy, or morality. It just optimizes the efficiency of transactions at this moment. WE are the ones who collectively choose to impose strategy or other limits to the marketplace and in that sense, because we have chosen to enjoy the market while ignoring obvious problems (such as deficits and environmental impacts) we have soundly earned whatever comes in the future for our children. To the extent that some of us have tried to change this course and failed, the fact that we tried is irrelevant to the marketplace. We failed. And we will enjoy the future the same as those whose intent won the future. To paraphrase what I was told many times during the Vietnam War, this is the American economic system - love it or leave it.

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