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Community Day backs away from BSA over its gay policy

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Certainly a bunch of middle aged scouters with way too much time on their hands don't stand a chance of ever finding any solutions.


Wow. Someone else was actually readin' this drivel :p But I'm really flattered, eh? I haven't been called "middle aged" in a fair number of years!



Pack, I'm afraid yer too slippery for me. Yeh talk about the need for feds to "stem the violence" then say "oh, I wasn't really talking about violence or segregation, just about prejudice." Fine. Everyone in da south was prejudiced. Had not a thing to do with religion. Plenty of atheists and non-church goers were prejudiced. Then you'll come back to the "christian" bigots justified it with the bible, and I'll say the scientific bigots like Watson and others justified it with science. Bad biblical readin'. Bad science. Get it? And in the end, da Christian majority in the nation defeated the nonsense based on Christian belief, and organized social resistance that was primarily organized through Christian churches. Didn't see many scientists organizin' busloads of people to head south.


But if pressed, actually I'd say NO, sometimes the results are crystal clear to everyone.


Slippery again. I said "do they ever disagree" and you say "NO, sometimes they agree". Yeh looking for a job in da Bush whitehouse? :)


Love da crickets!




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Whew, now that's hittin' pretty low - The Bush admin. ;)

But now you know why attorneys don't like to put scientists on the stand. You should hear the frogs!

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