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To allow the behavior simply because everyone else (does it/did it) is ludicrous. To look the other way when its waved under one's nose is ridiculous. If an adult leader would make it clear that he/she was an adulterer, drug user, alcoholic, a practitioner of perversion, incest or bestiality I wouldnt waste a minute letting him/her go.

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I would also add that we should be cautious of giving in to the widespread, but very incorrect idea that "private" behaviour like this can easily be hidden.


It might be possible to "keep it quite," but we are naive and foolish when we treat boys like unknowing automatons who don't notice anything beyond the present. Aren't we teaching them to be more aware of what is going on beyond just their immediate focus?


As I believe someone else noted, we shouldn't go hunting for such all the time, but neither should we ignore it when it comes out. If other leaders know about it, it is almost certain the youth do as well.


By the "don't judge" standard we shouldn't prescreen new leaders either....



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