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I got my beads about 4 years ago, and served as WBstaff about two years ago.

My course had a very dedicated staff and obviously enjoyed what they were doing. It was a Scout meeting and camping experience, not merely a "seminar". We also learned alot more about management theory than I had known before. Met many good people and saw many different views of Scouting. My Troop guide was very open and available, even tho he lived almost 60 miles away from me. I was fortunate to find that my Work Union would sponsor me, and so the course was very inexpensive for me.

My first ticket choices were all nixed because they mostly involved Cub Scouts (I did CSDC every year) and my registration was in Boy Scouts. Your tickets MUST involve the area you are registered in. So I was counseled to become a Unit Commissioner, because THEY can work all Scout areas. So I did.

Three of my tickets were very successful, one marginally so, another was completed but ultimately failed thru no fault of my own. My Course Director and TG both praised my efforts, despite the fate of #5. They both attended my Beading, which I had at a Troop CoH. Lots of the Troop leadership had never heard of WB, so the event was useful in an educational way.

Alot of the WBStaff of the course I worked in were folks from the course I beaded from. Everyone had the same "get it done" attitude and we all had a good time. I heard nothing but good things from the class, and even tho I was not a TG ( I served as a QMaster), I had some folks call me for advice.


Rainman: Make the connections with your Patrol. Don't let folks NOT have fun at it, WB should NOT be deadly serious. Lead cheers, sing silly songs, join in and ask your Patrol to not forget their silly hats. Design a Crossword puzzle for the course newsletter. And get your moneys worth.

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I would like to say, I was in Scouts for 2 years when I did WB. Had I not been so excited and pumped about Scouting, I believe I would have been greatly overwhelmed. That being said, I have learned as much if not more over the last 3 years in research online, reading books, Training (In person not online), and experience with the Troop than I did at IOLS or WB. However, the experience at both, and more importantly at WB, was a great one indeed.


What I got out of them the most were connections and friendships. I still have direct and constant contact with one guy from WB as well as occasional contact from 2 others. The four of us ended up attending University of Scouting together, and the one guy and myself went to IOLS and ended up in the same Patrol there also. What an experience. I cannot express to you the importance that friendship means to me even though we are not in the same Troop together (Not that we haven't talked about it, just a big drive).


Other than that, even if you "know all there is" bout Scouting, you could still teach others while you are there and even learn a few ideas from another persons prospective.


By the way, I am almost finished with my Ticket. Once things got rolling, that was all I was worried about. Since then, I have actually found there were other things that were more important that needed to be done. Some said I went too early for my experience, but I would say the timing was right. It gave me the extra nudge and focus to be more involved. If I do not finish, no big deal, because I know I have done well. If I were to count the things I have done over the last year, I could have already finished 2 Tickets (That would be 10 items you know). It was a real maturing process for me, and hopefully I will be able to bring this to the Troop in some viable manner.


The main things I say one should take from WB are

1: New contacts/friendships

2: Different viewpoints/Fresh ideas


Anything else one gets out of it is just extra good stuff.









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