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My formal Introduction...

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Not that it's needed by many:)


I am Hops_Scout. I am a current Star Scout as a member of Troop 323 from Waterloo, IL. We are a part of the Okaw Valley Council. My troop position is currently the troop quartermaster. I have held just about all of the leadership positions in the troop thus far. I have been in Boy Scouts for 4 years, but have only attended summer camp for 2 of those summers. I work at the Cub Scout day camp each year by helping in the BB range and leading a 5-mile hike. I am getting close to obtaining the rank of Life and hope to do so by July.


I play baseball, basketball, and football at the high school level. Currently I am a freshman. For baseball, I am the utility player. I am a starter on the freshman team as well as dress varsity. For football, I start both ways being the center and an outside linebacker as well as punter.


I enjoy to hike, camp, climb, and just about anything outdoors. I collect lots of gear that go along with these hobbies. I am a member of REI. I enjoy volunteering to protect the environment as well.


I work for a small company called Plants Plus. We are a plants wholesaler. The owner was an ASM in the troop for awhile.


I am a web designer. I have developed my own personal website as well as a troop and pack site. I am a member of a website competition called The Rumbles in which I enter two sites and am a team leader. You can find my site at http://hops19.tripod.com


Finally, I have the desire to be a United States Army RANGER. Also, I want to attend one of the best schools in the world. Thats right, the United States Military Academy at West Point. I hope to attend USMA and play baseball for the Black Knights. Duty, Honor, Country


As you can see, I have a lot to talk about for being so young (compared to most of you;)). Most know me here, but I thought I would take the time to do this for the others who dont know me so well because it has happened several times where I am mistaken for an adult Scouter.


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Hello hops,


It's great to have you post.


I am sure you know this and you haven't said where you are in school, but try to be sure to have your Eagle Scout completed by the time you begin applying to USMA. I understand that it really does make a difference.


If you have been Boy Scouts for 4 years, that suggests that you are 15. You probably want to have your Eagle Scout by the summer after your junior year, so that probably gives you about a year.

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