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How many critters in your collection?

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Ok Wood Badge'rs...how many critters do you have in your "collection" (we all know you can't pass up a new addition!!) and what is the most unusual?


I haven't really counted mine, but I think the most unusual would be the Beaver Bobblehead that I found recently at Outdoor World!!


sue m.

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Antelope- mostly via eBay...


-Stuffed mini keychains- 3 animals in 2 designs (Wall Drug, SD and Jackalope Junction)

-Stuffed animals- 6 different designs

-Plastic 'toys'- 1 big Beyers model, 3 differnet small plastic versions from 'wild animal' assortments, another large one from an old Olympia beer ad thingie

-Statues- 2

-Weirdest critter- 'Flatalope'- a Cabelas hunting decoy designed to camoflague a bow or something- it has a sculpted face and flat cloth body

-Several patches, pins, keychains, 'spirit rocks', etc.

-Some cool 'beads'/charms from an artist on eBay


PLAN to get a 'clay' critter thing from Cimmeron Art Gallery soon, as well as another plush animal I've found on a few sites.

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I have NO IDEA how many bears and bear images I own.


You see, asides from being a Good Ole Bear from WE3-41-03, I'm also a Bear by virtue of my graduation from the University of California. So, I've been "collecting" bears and bear-like things for many years now.


- Oren

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I am not sure how many Beavers I have either but the strangest would be the Bobblehead one and the coolest would be the one that is scroll-sawed in a scene inside a wooden feather. I also love the giant two foot tall one with the baby that my youngest got me at a flea market because he knew Mom would love it.

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I have two - a "Beanie Baby" from my wife, Cutest BobWhite, and a little one on a cord necklace from my son, the Philmont Staffer. He found it at the Cimmaron Art Gallery. They have a website - "cimmaron art gallery" - and they have all of the critters in all sorts of guises. And a gen-u-ine Beaver hat pin that I picked up at our scout shop. He went on the hat when I got my beads. I don't care if the little guy on the necklace is not official. He gets worn almost all the time and hide next to the beads.


Bass Pro Shop, huh? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

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1. Stuffed Beaver Hand Puppet


2. Beaver necklace that lives on my Scout Staff.


3. Pewter Beaver pin on my Troop cap.


4. Yellow Beaver Crossing Sign-it's proudly displayed in front of my tent or hammock at Campouts.


Gotta get me one of those Bobble heads!

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Is this the really nice dark brown beaver hand puppet that you can use your fingers in the arms to make it scratch itself???? I saw one of those earlier in the summer but haven't picked it up yet. I have the finger puppet version though! I do have the Beaver Crossing sign too...and the 2 Beanie Babies and also a Beaver in a can that our troop guide gave us. One of my patrol mates took the sole off an old pair of shoes and made us all a beaver tail and attached it to a nametag!


Last weekend at our Fall Camporee, the boys had set up an ax yard and had a log in it. They weren't really using it so I took all my critters and put them out on the log and I have a picture of a standing Beaver that I printed out with the words "Beavers RULE!!" on it and I tacked that to the can.

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I have 2 eagle stuffed animals - One small one I received as a gift from my troop guide, and one that is a little larger I found at Yellowstone National Park.


Incidentally, on my trip to Yellowstone this summer, I did get a picture of a bald eagle in its natural habitat. Wow! That was really cool!


Mostly, I have collected pictures and postcards of bald eagles. It's tough to find critters of eagles and the nice sculpted eagles are quite pricy. I have been tempted to drop $50 for a small eagle sculpture, not yet though.


I keep my eyes open for critters all the time but the few I have found are rare.


Eagle Pete(This message has been edited by eagle-pete)(This message has been edited by eagle-pete)

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Ok..bumping this up to see how many WB'ers got new Critters for Christmas!


Aside from the pin that I discussed in the other thread...I got a really nice picture frame with Beavers all over it..and a nice beaver t-shirt! I also sent out some Beaver Christmas cards!


Sue M.


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I got the Bennie Baby Beaver for Christmas.. a great addition to the collection.

Got the Big Beaver sitting on the Dash of my Truck (it was given to all of us Beavers by our Troop Guide)

Beaver Zone sign etc..

Getting Beads soon... just finished my Ticket YEEEEHAWWW!



And a Good ol Beaver too!

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Congrats on finishing up your ticket!! I've been done since October but I haven't gotten my beads yet because my presenter has had to go out of town everytime we had a suitable time to do it..we're shooting now for the District dinner on Jan. 18th! All my patrol mates got theirs in Nov. so it's been hard for me to wait...


Which Beanie Baby did you get??...The laying one or the sitting one with the log?? I have them both.


sue m

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