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Mr. Potlatch -- I say that with affection and hope I don't offend. What a great monicker!


Anyhow -- I'll stand by what I said earlier. I envy you and wish I could attend Wood Badge for the 21st Century. The old course was great, but the new course looks even better.


To the other guys -- I can't find the 6 months minimum anywhere, either. I thought that was a good rule.


The new ticket worksheet begins with a vision statement that reads "in 18 months . . . " and seems to imply that it will take 18 months to work the ticket. I sense a philosophical change. We do have those from time to time.


I promise I'll call our regional office tomorrow and get an answer from the Associate Regional Director (a professional) who works with Wood Badge. I'll post his answer by 5:00 PM Central Standard Time.




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This time I have checked:

The Wood Badge Administrative Guide, Page 32:

The ticket counselor meets with the participant whenever necessary over a period of up to 18 months.

Staff Guide, page 69: The five goals of the ticket must be completed within 18 months of the endof the Wood Badge course...

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I dont know why anyone would want to finish his or her tickets in 6 months. Each time I run across one of my WB classmates or staffers we ask the same question, How are you doing on your tickets? Of course were interested in the answer, but the answer is really not the purpose of the question. I think that we really ask the question so that we can relive some part of the class. We laugh, we smile, we joke, we repeat war storiesyou all know the drill.


I signed up for the High Adventure Backpacking Class this year, one of my WB classmates is also in the class. The two of us are like a side show during the breaks. Our reminiscing and stories have even enticed two of the HABC members to sign up for this years WB class.


So don't rush those tickets just to get done with them, enjoy the whole expierence.


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