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Do the awards need to be earned in order?

Bronze then Silver? If you do then do the badges earned for Bronze (6) need to be different than the ones earned for Silver (9)or do you just add 3 more?

Do the projects Bronze(3) need to be different for Silver (4) or do you just add one more?

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I've submitted my Silver Hornaday Award application in June and I'm currently waiting for an answer from the national committee. To answer your question, no, the awards do not need to be earned in order, however, a youth participant (under 18 years for Scouts, under 21 for Venturers) can earn multiple awards at different periods of time and in any order.


For the bronze, a scout must:

1. Have earned First Class rank

2. Plan, lead, and carryout three projects from three separte categories listed below. For the Silver, carry out four projects from four separate categories.


1. Energy Conservation

2. Soil and water conservation

3. Fish and Wildlife management

4. Forestry and range management

5. Air and water pollution control

6. Resource Recovery (recycling)

7. Hazardous material disposal and management

8. Invasive species control


The Merit Badges:


Environmental Science*

Fish and Wildlife Management*


Public Health*

Soil and Water Conservation*

Atomic Energy

Bird Study




Insect Study

Landscape Architecture

Mammel Study



Plant Science

Pulp and Paper

Reptile and Amphibian study



*Required MB's for the Hornaday Awards


For Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts, earn the Environmental Science MB. For the bronze medal, earn at least three more merit badges listed in (*) plus any two other MBs. For the silver medal, earn all six MBs in (*) and any other three.


For Venturers, complete the ecology and plant and wildlife requirements for the Venturing Ranger Award and submit a project documentation.


Remember, each project must be of significant value and importance. Just doing 4 projects doesn't necessarily mean it's silver quality. You may just earn a bronze regardless of how many projects you do.


I hope this helps. Check out http://www.hornadayaward.com/hornaday.htm for more information on the Hornaday Awards.




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