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major pack issues with leadership, need to remove AC-help!

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leader1118 - there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer besides at the unit level. Your District Program Committee could always use your help, running camporees or cuborees or the District Pinewood Derby. Or join the District Membership Committee and help recruit scouts and start new units. Become an FOS presenter and help raise money for the Council. You could join the District Training Committee to help train other cub scout leaders. And the Commissioner staff can put your skills to use, as a Unit Commissioner or Cub Roundtable Staff. Contact your District Chair and District Commissioner for more information.

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I would call the new CC and let them know that you have stuff in your garage that belongs to the pack. I would give them a reasonable date to come and get it. At which time I would consider it unwanted property to be disposed of as I please.


Remember though it in the middle of summer the pack is in the process of reorganizing after the breakup and it may take sometime to figure out where to store the stuff. So be far and give them a reasonable time table.

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