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  1. Nike - Thank you for your idea of giving it to the DE. She lives nowhere near me, but I could drop it off at her office in the council office. Can't bring it to the CO b/c they don't have their own building. The President of the CO would want nothing to do with it and I'm not sure where he lives. We live in a very big suburb of Chicago, IL. ScoutNut - I never mentioned that I'd be "smarmy" as the new CM. I was simply stating that after asking, for months, for people to come and pick up some things, with no results, I'm tempted to just leave it out for them. It should be evident
  2. I like the idea of dropping off where they meet. However, I don't know when their first meeting will be. They have them at our school. I know they're on Tues. nights, but not sure when. The man I tried to remove told the whole pack that when he was removed, he wanted everything out of his garage that was "scout related by July 15 or he would put it on the curb for other people to take or for the garbage day". We have a LOT more in our garage than he did. A lot of the stuff we have, membership needs, but the membership person walked out on them, so there's no person like that to hand it t
  3. Thanks everyone. I know that not all volunteers are bad. I love volunteers! I'm in other groups and am amazed by how dedicated some can be. It's just upseting when there are volunteers who can ruin the experience for others involved. (Kind of like PTA Scouting volunteers are dedicated and lovely people for the most part. I'm amazed by how some people still stay in even after their own scout is long gone, in college, etc. I've seen people in for 50 years! It's wonderful. I know people are very giving and great. However, people like the ones I've been dealing with just leave a bad
  4. Thank you all for your encouraging words. Glad to know not everyone thinks I'm crazy. I've heard so many awful things lately, I started to doubt my ability to be a good leader or a good person for that matter. I know there are parents in the pack who are upset about the whole thing and think I was right for removing him. Of course, I don't know if they realize he's been "promoted" yet. Some of them have already asked where we're going. One of the W2 boys are completing leaving due to how we've been treated and she doesn't want her son exposed to that. She said that scouting should b
  5. Oh, you will all LOVE this turn of events: I sent the man the letter certified mail. The next day, he wrote a very slanderous letter TO THE ENTIRE PACK about how he has been removed (at the end he says he resigns). He thinks it's b/c he gave fishing poles out to people. Didn't seem to cross his mind that he yelled at me and verbally abused me on more than one occassion, went against committee agreements, and was taking advantage of power he thought he had. Within 5 min, our Webelos leader wrote a short note TO THE WHOLE PACK about how he supports him and it's a travesty that he was re
  6. Thanks again for your advice. As far as him thinking he's CM, the CM just quit a week and a half ago. This behavior has been going on since this spring. The two of them were co-leaders for the Bear den. When the uniform thing and scarf things happened, I asked the CM/leader if he knew about this and he just said, "No, he just showed up with this/just told us this." So the ACM wasn't even conferring with his co-leader/CM. We've decided to mail a registered letter to his house. I told my husband last night that I'm frankly afraid of this man. Not to sound biased against the milit
  7. Wow! Thank you all so much for your words of advice. It's amazing how I think I'm reading too much into this mess, only to have most of you agree with what I'm saying. I appreciate your help! My UC called last night and left a message (we had tornadoes going through, so I didn't answer the phone). I'm supposed to call him back and talk to him also. I just hope he doesn't tell me something beyond what the council person told me last night. When I wanted to remove this leader/ACM last year in the spring, he told me to hold off until summer, write bylaws (no, we don't have any b/c I di
  8. Our pack is 2 years old, going into our 3rd year. 8 of us left another pack and started this one in our kids' school so the school could have their own pack. We now have about 26 kids. We have 1 Tiger den, 1 Wolf, 1 Bear, and 2 Web. 2 dens. Here's the issue... The leadership in the pack has been falling apart lately. My husband (CC) and I (COR)are the only people left on the exec. comm. Our Cubmaster resigned about 2 weeks ago. Mostly due to having 4 kids being in the pack this year and not having much spousal support with his volunteer efforts. (He was also the Bear Asst. Le
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