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Add me to the list of supporters.


I admit to believing that there is more "wiggle room" in the regualtions than Bob sees, but I can certainly say that I have taken much of what he says back to both our PLC and our adult leaders and have tried to steer us back on track.


As good intentioned as it might be, we have fallen into the habit of saying and advertising we are boy run, but we sure pick up the ball and run with it for the boys when they don't live up to their responsiblity. It's easy to do: "It would be ashame for the guys not to get the full benefit and / or enjoyment from this activity, let's make sure they did everything right". Then, "Oh, it won't hurt anything just to do this one thing for them". After a while, if we continue down the same path, the adults will be doing the cooking and K.P. for them too! (we're really not that bad, but I don't like the direction we're headed).

Bob -

Keep up the helpful advice. And remember all that everyone here, right or wrong (and we all think we're right, don't we?), are in it for our kids. In as much, disagreement is good.



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What am I afraid of hmmmmmmm. The only thing that comes to mind are rollercoasters and my wife's chili.


As far as the blanks in my profile,

I don't have a web-site, or an ICQ number or instant messaging.


As far as my council and district, I have, in accordance with the site rules, selected to share that information on a case by case basis with members as I choose. The reason I do that is I have a right to choose my friends and an obligation to protect the privacy of my family.


Why because there are people in this world such as you that I do not trust. Am I frightened of you? No, I just don't trust you. I find you offensive in more ways than than I can express here, without wasting more of my fellow posters time. If however you wish to know more about my scouting background feel free to ask, and if you do so in a polite, scoutlike manner, and if it has some purpose to it, I will happily share it.


If you feel I am required to expose more personal information than I have chosen to do just because you say so, then you are in even greater need of professional counseling than I already believe.


Bob White

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I find the majority of Bob White's posts

to be accuarate, but keep in mind that

every poster on this site is human, and is

open to human error.


A group of people should never blindly follow

anyone else; that's how Hitler rose to power. Get advice, check the rules, and make a decision.

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Boy! I guess I stepped in it!


Having only been following this board for a month or less, I didn't realize the original message about Bob was a slam (it was, wasn't it? I guess right now I'm not sure).


I also didn't even know that there was a place to create a profile (pretty observant, ain't I?).


But that aside, I stick with my original comment. Bob's oppinions are valuable and usually right. Now that I've looked at his profile, and know that he is responsible for training, his strict interpretation of regulations is understandable. It makes sense to teach the absolute knowing that people will by nature carry out the instruction "less than perfectly" (or as I phrased it, using some wiggle room).


Thank you to all. You're opinions are very helpful toward providing the 43 boys in our Troop a great program!



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This thread wasn't slamming Bob White, for surely we are happy to have him populate our forum.


Most here value his opinion, which is usually based on established policies, rules, and regulations of the American Scouting Movement, the BSA. I do notice he has a tendency to be a little short with people, which comes across as "my way or it's not the program", but surely he doesn't intend it that way.


I mentioned Hitler in my previous post, because we shouldn't try to elevate any one person above ourselves as more "knowledgable" or "enlightened". Indeed, our entire nation was founded on this very idea.


Maybe I came off as a grouch when I last posted, but I just was trying to foster independent thought (and I had just woken up).


I'd like to toast Bob White, Old Grey Eagle, Yaworski, and all the rest who make this forum something unique. You've all certainly made your mark.



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....and as he was not quoting rules his reply was full of character and opinion. Still direct and to the point we notice. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Maybe mk9750 is confused between yarrow and yaworski but check the style mate - you were on the money with the intent of yarrow's post.


We all sit awaiting yaworski's response. No - in discussing Bob I didn't automatically compare his profile with yaworski's. Still wouldn't. This is not a boxing ring - it is a freindly mele with Bob holding a banner aloft from a whopping great white horse.


Is yaworski leaving the field of battle? If not will the Queensbury rules apply and the exchange proceed privately?


More importantly will Bob's wife read the post and take revenge with a surprise sally-porte using stir fry? I for one am not afraid of the chilli but would be delighted to be proven wrong. Oh for a virtual taste test!

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The flippant emu rules his reply out of order on a tecnicality. Pls note the contradictory nature of the boxing analogy and the reference to 'Queensbury rules'.


(Red faced he backs away stage left and awaits sarcasm - which is deserved)

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Oh flightless bird from the land down under, I have no idea what you were babbling about in your penultimate post. Perhaps you had been sampling something like an Australian form of peyote.


Alas, a mind is a terrible thing to lose.

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Nope. No idea.


Could it be a misspelling? Maybe refers to that dog arrangement that gets outwitted by the roadrunner. Still makes no sense.


Recap of previous for Y'ski:


Good one Bob. mk9750 might be confusing yarrow with yaworski. yaworsjki hasn't continued to attack Bob. I hope he will email Bob member to member rather than involve us all. Bob's wife makes good chilli - which I would like to try.




(This message has been edited by ozemu)

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Peyote, common name for a small, spineless, turnip-shaped cactus, native to Mexico and the southwestern United States. The grayish, mushroom-shaped tops, called peyote or mescal buttons, yield nine alkaloids, of which mescaline is the principal active agent. The dried buttons are eaten, brewed into a tea, or powdered and packaged in capsules. The mescaline in these preparations alters perception, producing vivid color hallucinations, inaccurate estimation of time, and a feeling of anxiety. It is not known to be habit-forming, but use of impure or large doses can have toxic effects, such as nausea and depressed breathing. Peyote has been used since pre-Columbian times by Native Americans in their religious rites; the practice has been incorporated into their modern Christian ceremonies.


BTW, how do you know if Bob's wife makes good chilli if you've never tried it? For that matter, how do you know that Bob has a wife?



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