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Shooting Sports Program Book

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Denanda. Bitte schon.


I always thought that the reason for guidelines (minimum requirements?) is to spread around the collected wisdom and experience of the ages.

So you go to the training, eat the donuts, read the manual, and create the archery range according to the "minimum" dimensions in the book. You are glad to have added another 10 yards all around, because, despite your instructions, one Cub decides (accidentally) to let fly before he has aimed and drawn fully, and the arrow goes FRUP before you or your Scout assistants can react. Little fingers and all that. The arrow bounces and ends up about 30 feet from it's intended target. Coulda been worse. You remember the training and reiterate the proper finger position to the boys. The boy apologizes to you, you tell him that's okay, and ten years later you attend his Eagle CoH. Maybe...


KiSMiF, be safe and have fun.

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