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Boy losing interest already!

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He might just be feeling alot of pressure right now--so many things to adjust to in middle school alone let alone going from oldest in pack to youngest in troop. Try to let him take a break for a week or two. Let him know that you think it is important for him to have a little time off to think about it and relax. Keep attending the meetings yourself and then after a couple weeks see if he doesn't grab his book and get ready to go.



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Before my son changed to another troop, he was looking to quit. Two things changed his mind. One thing was he went to Philmont Training Center with me. While I was in conference he took part in the family program. We have now been there three times. He would rather go to Philmont than Disney World (and PTC is alot cheaper). the interesting thing is the activities at PTC are not that different than what you find at any summer camp. The difference is the scenery, and mainly the attitude of the staff. They are positive, knowledgable, enthusiastic and complimentary, everything a good leader should be. It showed him what scouting should be.


Secondly, we found a troop with a scoutmaster that understoood that. The first time he visited the new troop the SM spent the entire 90 minutes talking with my son. He asked about his scouting experience, his school, his hobbies, his friends and his family. If a patrol leader came with a question, the SM would listen, ask the PL what he thought should be done, the SM said it sounded like an idea worth trying and sent him back to do his job. (I was in heaven).


My son is revitalized thanks to good leadership and the real scouting program. In the last 12 months he has earned 6 or 7 MBs, gone to PTC and Northern Tier Canoe Base, summer camp, advanced a rank, was elected to OA, was an active Troop Guide, All this on top of school, band, music lessons, religious ed., and family committments.


Except for being at PTC with him and interacting at troop meetings, I don't push scouting on him. He has a Scoutmaster and an SPL that do that. I'm just the dad along for the ride.


So my advice to you is to get the patrol together with another adult. Let them know that as a patrol they can do their own stuff and get them brain storming on things to do. Then pick and adventure and ask "what would you need to know how to do to enjoy that event?" then start getting them trained on those skills. They can't do things without adults without the SM's permission, but they can do Patrol activities with 2 deep leadership if they want. (I would still keep the SM informed)


Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote "Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm." That is especially true in scouting.


Best always,

Bob White



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I think the scoutmaster did a good job of talking to my son last night. My son is famous for digging in his heels and not budging. After a few days he may suddenly admit the adults have a few good points. He is pouting with me right now anyway because I won't buy a VERY expensive toy he wants (an antique pedal car of all things).


I feel confident the scoutmaster would have no problems with patrol activities as long as the adult leadership and safety rules are followed. Of course I would have the PL discuss the activity with the SM before taking action. I don't think getting adult involvement is a problem, especially for a day long activity. Most anything the boys could want to do or badge to work on, we can find the resources within an hour's drive.


I've asked his father to talk to him some. Also, am asking his grandparents to drop a few comments. We've seen a jump in maturity since summer camp. In the last month, I have been told many times "I can handle it, I'm a Boy Scout, I went to summer camp."


I know some boys just aren't meant to be in scouting, but I don't feel he has given it a fair chance. Also, I know he has had a great time at everything he has done. He hasn't been to a troop meeting in 2 months because of being away during the summer and starting back to school. Maybe he is just out of the habit.



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My son opened up a little more last night. The mention of patrol only activities really perked up his little ears. Also, found a merit badge he wants to do on his own. SM is okay with the patrol doing some activities on their own.


Now he did ask if there was a video game merit badge. So I pointed him to computers and electronics. Who knows, one day there might be a video game merit badge! They could study the history of video games, the uses of computer simulation, the impact of video games on society and physical fitness, the use of video games in education, and design their own game. Hey, this is starting to sound like a good idea! Maybe a Boy Scout video game where you tie knots and build pioneering projects!


My son has a hard time in large crowds. A lot of ADD kids get overwhelmed and so distracted by a large group. The smaller, quiet kids get pushed to the side.

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