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Duel Leadership Rolls

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Hi All

I am being approched to be our packs CM next year. I want to stay DL with my Tiger den as they move up to Wolf.


First let me say that our CM position is mostly a Master of Ceremonies position. We are in Nigeria and dont camp much and so the duel roll is administrative, Events and Pack Meetings mostly.


I have been told that I can hold both positions as long as I have an ADL - I have said I would agree if we have enough volenteers for ADL, ACM and me.

But I feel bad that it will take 3 volenteers to fill 2 positions.


Can I hold dual Leadership Rolls?

If so, What patch do I wear CM or DL on my uniform?


I will not accept CM unless we have an enough volenteers to cover all the pack positions + the "extra" for ADL and ACM. We are an expat community here and people are always being transfered - I think that ACM and ADL are very important - alowing a trained people to step up on short notice.


Any Thoughts?




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According to national, you cannot hold two roles in your unit, unless you are the IH, and/or COR. An IH can also serve as COR and CC. COR can serve also serve as a CC. Now sometimes i've seen COR registered din a unit leader p[position as well. But DL and CM is a no no.


Now grant you since you are a direct service unit, that may be an allowable acceptance, but you have enough on your plate as DL.

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By the book you are not supposed to hold to leadership positions at once, but if it is necessary you can do two jobs you would just be a registered leader for only one of those positions.


On the practical side of things, doing more than one job can often be taxing and can cause you to get frustrated and even burned well before your time. You will definately want some good help so that you don't spend all your time doing things for scouting and forget to enjoy it with your son.


As far as which position you should register for that is complicated. You have to have a registered CM and a registered DL, however since you are moving into Wolfs, you should have at least one leader registered as a DL. If that is the case then register yourself as the CM and simply do both roles.


As far as which patch to wear, I would personally where the CM patch, especially if that is the position you register as.


I have been doing the ACM, WDL, and Advancement Chair, along with some side work for a while now, and keeping everything straight and still keeping it fun can be hard. I am working on shedding some of these coats, but often times you will find it is easy for leadership to pile stuff onto a willing leader than to find and train some one new. Even though having just one person for each position is what is best often times it is not practical nor easy to do.

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BSA will not allow you to register as both a den leader and a cubmaster.


In order to charter/recharter a Pack MUST have a registered cubmaster.


If you plan on taking on the CM role, that is the position you should be registered in. The patches you wear on your uniform should reflect your registered position.


I would recommend that if you want to continue working at the den level, as well as being the registered Cubmaster, you step down from den leader to assistant den leader, and ask one of the other parents to take on the role of den leader.

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By the way -


Weather or not your Pack camps has no impact on the Cubmasters job.


While being "Master of Ceremonies" is one of the major aspects of the Cubmaster's job, it is by no means the ONLY one.


From the BSA National website -


The Cubmaster's responsibilities are to -


Conduct a pack program according to the policies of the BSA.


Complete Cubmaster Fast Start Training and position-specific Basic Leader Training. Attend monthly roundtables.


Plan and help carry out the Cub Scout program in the pack. This includes leading the monthly pack meeting, with the help of other leaders.


Help the pack committee with a year-round recruitment plan for recruiting boys into Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouting, and Webelos Scouting.


Know about and use the appropriate and available literature, including Boys' Life and Scouting magazines, Cub Scout Program Helps, and the Webelos Leader Guide.


See that the pack program, leaders, and Cub Scouts positively reflect the interests and objectives of the chartered organization and the BSA.


Work with the pack committee on (1) program ideas, (2) selecting and recruiting adult leaders, and (3) establishing a budget plan.


Guide and support den leaders. See that they receive the required training for their positions.


Help organize Webelos dens and encourage graduation into a Boy Scout troop.


Help establish and maintain good relationships with Boy Scout troops.


Maintain good relationships with parents and guardians. Seek their support and include them in activities. Involve male relatives such as uncles and grandfathers so that Cub Scouts will have additional male role models.


See that Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts receive a quality, year-round program filled with fun and activities that qualify the dens and pack for the National Summertime Pack Award.


Guide Cub Scouts in goodwill and conservation projects.


See that the responsibilities specified for the assistant Cubmaster are carried out.


Help the pack committee chair conduct the annual pack program planning conference and the monthly pack leaders' meetings.


Work as a team with the pack committee chair to cultivate, educate, and motivate all pack leaders and parents or guardians in Cub Scouting.


Take part in the charter review meeting and annual charter presentation ceremony.


Request den chiefs for all dens and, after selection, see that they are trained. Recognize the den chiefs at pack meetings.


Conduct an impressive graduation ceremony for Tiger Cubs.


Meet with the unit commissioner, Webelos den leader, and Scoutmaster to establish plans for the Webelos Scouts' transition to Boy Scouting.


Help plan and conduct impressive Webelos graduation ceremonies involving parents and guardians, the Scoutmaster, the Webelos den chief, the Webelos den leader, and the troop junior leaders.


Conduct impressive Arrow of Light Award ceremonies.


Encourage high advancement standards for all Cub Scouts.


Help bring families together at joint activities for Webelos dens (or packs) and Boy Scout troops.


Support the policies of the BSA.




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Thanks for that - ADL and CM makes much more sense.

I do realize that CM is much bigger then Master of ceramonies. But when you are 6000 miles from your council - You have a lot less paperwork - We dont do fund raising - No popcorn sales - we dont have round tables, we dont have any training except what is online ---we Do run a fun program that is within the BSA guidelines and we consistantly "do Our Best" far from home. Check us out on www.cspack3803lagos.org - This is a new site and under construction but it will show you some of the fun we had this year.



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I learned that there are some Type A folks who can handle two jobs and do them well. I was not one of them and they wore me out just watching them. I like the CM/ADL suggestion. Also, what may happen is the adult who takes on the job of assisting you at the den level may just take on the whole job of Den Leader. That is if you are willing to let them.


Sounds like you folks have a fun pack.



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I will certinly let them as long as they will put the time in to make it fun for the Scouts. Many a night I was online till midnight looking for ideas we could adapt to here.

No den meetings in a box in this part of the world. Can you imagine you Cant even buy felt or pipecleaners:-)


My wife did not understand at first and complained about the time I spent on my den.She was born and raised in Nigeria and the scouting movement has been dorment - Practicly dead - here all of her life (and still is). Then I explained that I can not remember my second grade teacher (no Tigers When I was a CS) nor my third and only a little about my forth grade one. But I can remember the trips we took to Hershy park and a wild west town and our blue and gold in the local Diner with a hypnotist to entertain us. I can remember my den leaders name. I can remember that the local movie theater gave us the theater for one night a year and we would sell tickets as our fund raiser - No Popcorn then eaither - and lots more about my Scouting years. I remember my Mom being a Den Mother (though not mine) and my dad being a committe member.

So now (like most on this forum I imagine) figure it is my job to give those memories to my son so he can pass them to his...My wife is going to volanteer next year - The Bright spots in life are the small victories




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