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Skit - Mexican Themed

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Search out the old radio skit done by Jack Benny and Mel Blanc ("voice of Bugs Bunny"). With some CS talent, or adult talent, you might recreate it with suitable background. In synopsis, it runs something like this:


Jack plays a tourist and stops to ask directions. The Mexican fellow says:


"Say, whats your name, signor?"


"Your name is Sye?"


"And we should go south?"


"Is the road rough?"


"Do you have a family?"


" Any brothers or sisters?


"Well, what are their names?


"You have a sister named Sue?


"Anyone else?"


... And so on. Gradually, with excruciating exactness, we learn that Sye works sewing, lives in Sienna, feels so-so, is cinco years old (!), and carries his lunch in a sack. You get the idea.



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