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  1. Thanks for the info. The reason I wanted to be able to reassemble them is because I thought part of the elective was for the boys to make them.
  2. Help! I can figure out how to make the stilts and puddle jumpers but can anyone tell me how to make the foot racers. It would be great if it was something that could be put together and taken apart to use over and over again.
  3. I need a skit for our next pack meeting. I saw one a couple of days ago on the internet about a bull fighter but I can't find it now. Can anyone give me some help?
  4. Help - I was just told by our Church Leader that if my assistant can't make the meeting that I can't have my husband fill in for the night. Is this true? I read about two deep leadership but I don't remember it telling us that it can't be husband and wife. What's the rule?
  5. Help - I have been told different things by several people. We did elective 3A (Making a Recipe Holder). Can I also sign off on Achievement 5E (Making something useful)? Kind of like do one thing and get credit for two.
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